Tips When Playing Host to Visiting Family and Friends

Over the holidays, I played host to family and friends who flew in from all over.  My relatives just recently flew back home to Toronto and Los Angeles, but I also helped out some friends with their own balikbayan challenges. This situation isn’t new to me.  Plus given the fact that I now stay in […]

My 2010 Halloween Horror Movie Playlist

Hello everyone.  How was Halloween for you all this year? Here in the Philippines, in addition to Halloween (on Oct 31), we also have All Saints Day on November 1 and All Souls Day on November 2– so as everyone troops to the cemeteries to light a candle and remember the dearly departed, the city […]

Hanging Out With The Amazing Race Asia 4 Contestants

I’ve been an Amazing Race/Amazing Race Asia fan for as long as I can remember, so you could just imagine how stoked I was to find an invite to meet the members of the two Philippine teams at the National Sports Bar in Greenbelt 3. And yeah, this was going to be a promising evening, […]

Say Goodbye to NU107, part 1 of 2

Yes, you read that correctly.  NU107, the Home of New Rock, that shining bastion of modern rock on Manila FM radio, is signing off for good on November 7, 2010. Quite a shock, right?  I thought they’d last forever too, considering I remember listening to NU107 as far back as high school (in the late […]

Renzie: One Year Later (Well, Almost…)

Hello blogosphere. I’ve been away for a rather extended period of time. In fact, a quick look at the articles I’ve posted would reveal that my last entry was late last year— a little more than eight months ago. I suppose I owe it to my readership to explain my prolonged absence.  Not that I […]

Song of the Year 2009: “Nobody” by The Wonder Girls

singing and dancing to Korean pop with Renzie Baluyut. It’s undeniable.  “Nobody” by The Wonder Girls is everywhere. See, it’s Christmas party season in the Philippines, and it’s customary for offices and schools and groups of friends everywhere to have real festive Christmas parties, involving lots of food, gift-giving, as well as singing and dancing. […]

The Urgency of Dealing with Climate Change | Blog Action Day 2009

a Blog Action Day 2009 post, with Renzie Baluyut. After being hit by Typhoon Ondoy/International Storm Ketsana, Metro Manila has already moved on, albeit begrudgingly.  What can you do when a massive flood hits the city, really?  As soon as the waters subsided, we all just picked up the pieces and got back to work.  […]