The Higher Purpose

updated by Renzie Baluyut on October 2008

Lastly, and just as important- is your dedication to a higher purpose. I’m not one to advocate a certain religious path or anything- far from it, I believe in advocating individualism and doing what you want to do.

In fact, I sometimes feel that religion tends to divide people more than unite them.  Why can’t everyone just get along?

Anyway, I will advocate this: whatever it is you want to do, make sure you devote some time to helping other people.  Nurture others, that they may learn from you.  Develop a talent for mentoring.  Get into a worthy cause.  Help others who cannot help themselves. And stand up for what you believe in.

I would even go as far as suggesting you find people who share the same beliefs you have, because together, you can do a lot more. You don’t have to all save the environment together, or organize anti-poverty rallies. I mean, you can if you want to, but I’m sure you can all do something good if you really put your minds to it.

Personally, here are a few causes I feel strongly about:

  • The Eighth Habit: Find Your Voice and Help Others Find Theirs. Everybody, I believe, needs a little Stephen Covey in their lives. Through my blogs and all my other online projects, I aim to inspire others to use the power of new media to create new avenues of self-expression and empowerment. Even as I’m exploring this exciting new digital world on my own, I’d love to help others out as much as I can.
  • Climate Change. Nothing like An Inconvenient Truth to spur you into action. We all have to do our part in reducing our carbon footprints. Go as green as you can, and help others go green too.
  • Entrepreneurship. Everyone has a dream, and a chance to nurture that dream into something big. It’s all about getting out of the rat race, and channeling your efforts into something you can call your own.
  • Consumer Advocacy.  Who else to watch the interests of the buying public but the consumers themselves?  Many companies out there want nothing more than to just get your money no matter what.  It can happen anywhere- not just in Metro Manila or in Los Angeles,   It can happen online and in real life.  Unscrupulous business practices take advantage of anyone they can.  But when the buying stops, we can show them who really has the power.
The Higher Purpose?  Its all about taking the whole Living Responsibly thing to the next level.  What do YOU feel strongly about?
The Higher Purpose? It's all about taking the whole "Living Responsibly" thing to the next level. What do YOU feel strongly about?

Useful Links and Resources:

The Eighth Habit.

Climate Change:

Here are a few good blogs I found on the subject of climate change and reducing your overall carbon footprint.

  • Make everyday Earth Day on Earth 911.  This particular blog has lots of great stuff on recycling and product stewardship.

Here are a few other online resources on recycling and the environment:

  • The Big Green Purse.  A site on eco-friendly products, fair trade organic products, and recycling.
  • E-Cycling Central.  Brings you everything you need to know on electronic recycling.
  • If you like dining out, did you know you can dine green as well?  Check out the Green Restaurant Association.  It’s out there to create an ecologically sustainable restaurant industry.  And I say more power to that.


Consumer Advocacy:

Here are a few must-read sites on Consumer Advocacy:

We’ll definitely add more resources and links as we find them.  Do come back from time to time to check it out.  Cheers!


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