Tips When Playing Host to Visiting Family and Friends

Over the holidays, I played host to family and friends who flew in from all over.  My relatives just recently flew back home to Toronto and Los Angeles, but I also helped out some friends with their own balikbayan challenges. This situation isn’t new to me.  Plus given the fact that I now stay in […]

A Few Important Things You Need To Know…

Share This Post: “…this video will blow your mind!” –Renzie Baluyut Seriously it will. Not too long ago, I posted an article, pretty much evangelizing the importance of having a continuing desire for learning and discovery.  I go online and try to learn something new everyday, on top of reading a book, or immersing myself […]

Does Renzie Make Money Blogging?

Share This Post: advice on blogging and internet marketing, with Renzie Baluyut. A friend of mine asked me if I actually made money out of my blogging efforts. The answer is: yes, I do, but not as much as I would want to. At least not yet. It is not uncommon for new bloggers to […]

Renzie Celebrates One Internet Day 2009

Share This Post:  advocating the internet as a means of empowerment, with Renzie Baluyut. The following post originally came out on my other blog, Keyboard Monkeys | Tips, Tricks and Advice for the Digital Entrepreneur.  I think One Internet Day 2009 is a cause well worth supporting, which is why I decided to put it […]

Looking For Property in The Philippines?

Share This Post: dabbling in local real estate, with Renzie Baluyut. At this point in my life, I’m looking for the next big thing, other than continued employment- something I’ve had enough of for the past 15 years. For me now- it’s doing consultancy projects, entrepreneurial endeavors, maybe even setting up a new business or […]

Living Solo: Spending Money The Right Way, part 2 of 2

money management, made better with Renzie Baluyut. In the last post, Part 1 of  Spending Money the Right Way, we discussed a simple money management technique recommended by “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” author T. Harv Eker. Eker recommends that whenever money comes our way, we should make it a habit to divide it up […]

Jupiter Suites Makati: For the Business Traveller on a Budget

from the business and travel notes of Renzie Baluyut. As a blogger who does quite a fair amount of travelling, I can tell you right away that while getting yourself booked at a swank 5-star hotel room is a great way to go, sometimes you also may want to consider more cost-friendly alternatives. Makati City […]