Song of the Year 2009: “Nobody” by The Wonder Girls

singing and dancing to Korean pop with Renzie Baluyut.

It’s undeniable.  “Nobody” by The Wonder Girls is everywhere.

See, it’s Christmas party season in the Philippines, and it’s customary for offices and schools and groups of friends everywhere to have real festive Christmas parties, involving lots of food, gift-giving, as well as singing and dancing.

And where singing and dancing is involved, chances are, you’ll have group presentations.  And when that happens, chances are, there’s going to be at least one group dancing to The Wonder Girls’ monster pop/dance hit, “Nobody”.

In case you’ve been living in a rock all these months,  The Wonder Girls are an all-chick pop group straight out of South Korea.  These ladies have been building up a following of some very passionate fans since they were formed in 2007.  They’ve come up with several hits already, as Korean pop enthusiasts would tell you– among others- “Tell Me”, “So Hot”, “Irony”, “Take It”, and of course, the song that made them such a mainstream sensation in the Philippines, “Nobody”.

“Nobody” is also a global phenomenon.  As I was putting this blog post together,  I was doing a search of videos on YouTube.  There are just *so many* fans of The Wonder Girls online, it’s just unbelievable.  How global is global?  Check out all the fans compiled on this nice little collage they put together:

The Philippines alone has all sorts of fans.  And why not?  They’re cute, they got an incredibly infectious pop sound going on, and they got some pretty interesting videos.  Just this weekend, I’ve been to at least four different Christmas gatherings, and if it’s not a Christmas party dance presentation, there’s a band going on, or a DJ playing some Wonder Girls music!

Heck, you even got American Idol Season 6 winner Jordin Sparks into the whole Wonder Girls craze.

Do you think it’d be an awesome idea to bring in the five lovely ladies from The Wonder Girls to perform live for their Filipino fans?  I’m sure there are lots out there.  And I’m fairly certain they’d want to catch them perform “Nobody” live on stage.  After all, our group (IMG Live!) is bringing in 20 international artists to perform for their Filipino fans on February 2010.  So why not The Wonder Girls?  Just a thought, really.

Hey, lots of stuff from The Wonder Girls are right up on their very own active YouTube channel.  You can also find them on MySpace, and on various fan sites all over the web dedicated to all things Wonder Girls.  Pictures, btw, are courtesy of Wikipedia.

Cheers, everyone!


2 thoughts on “Song of the Year 2009: “Nobody” by The Wonder Girls

  1. iya: didn’t the ocho ocho craze come out in 2005? i remember we had a christmas party with an ocho ocho last-man-standing thing where the last person on the dance floor (after an hour+ of ocho ocho) won php20k or something like that.

    also- i think 2003 was the year of spaghetti. or was it 2004? oh well 😀

    thanks for stopping by! 😀

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