Online Chatter on Philippine Typhoon Ondoy, part two

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For a list of rescue hotlines, links and resources, please click this link.

Help out the victims of Typhoon Ondoy /Kestsana.  Click on this link to find out how you can help today.

A couple of days back, I posted a transcript of sorts- a compilation of status updates on Facebook as my friends, colleagues and contacts sent out all kinds of messages related to the Typhoon Ondoy / International Storm Ketsana rescue and relief efforts.

It had been three days since Typhoon Ondoy / International Storm Ketsana had hit the Philippines.  This was the worst incident of flooding seen by Metro Manila in 42 years.  More than a month’s worth of rain crashed down on the city in just a relatively short span of 12 hours.

The damage was so bad- mainly because everyone was caught completely unaware, thinking it was just another rainy weekend.

Drainage in Metro Manila had already been terribly neglected to begin with- in fact, certain areas were already generally expected to flood up, even with the most regular of rainy days.

But with the sheer volume of rainwater, areas that never used to flood up at all suddenly found themselves sinking fast, as all that rain just kept pouring in at an alarming rate.  By mid-afternoon, 80% of Metro Manila was submerged in murky floodwater.

More pictures of the September 26 flooding can be seen here on a previous post of mine.

Photo taken by JM Rodriguez.  The lucky ones have been able to rush their loved ones to higher ground, even as floodwaters raged through houses, even submerging entire neighborhoods in water.
Photo taken by JM Rodriguez. Entire neighborhoods were submerged in water; as the flood recedes, mud-soaked furniture, vehicles and belongings are strewn all about the streets, mingling with garbage, and even the carcasses of animals and livestock and the decaying bodies of those who didn't make it through the weekend.

As of this writing, there are at least 240 dead, some 100,000 displaced, and at least 2 million people affected across 25 provinces, including Metro Manila and Rizal.

Relief and rescue operations have been going on for a couple of days now.  For Filipinos like myself who find themselves online the entire time, Facebook had been a steady stream of information as stories of selflessness and heroism, and all sorts of pictures and video have been coming in.

Here’s a compilation of status updates I got from some of my friends and colleagues- these were little messages taken from a 12-hour period, between 3PM of Sept 29 (Tuesday) to about 3AM the next day (Wednesday, Sept 30).

Despite stories of opportunists, looters, corruption, politicking, grandstanding, and even rumors of crocodiles lurking in the floodwaters, what I find heartwarming is the fact that ordinary Filipinos have banded together to aid in rescue and relief operations, passing on information and updates, giving (and doing) what they can, and encouraging so many more to join in.

Even those who have been hard hit are reaching out to those who have been hit even harder.

And so, the cleaning up and the rebuilding goes on.  Hopefully, this post gives you a better idea of what’s been going on in the Philippines through the messages of various people all over Metro Manila as they help out with the the survivors of Typhoon Ondoy / International Storm Ketsana.

Around 3:00 PM (GMT +8:00) Sept 29

From Paolo Marinduque:
HONDA & NISSAN OFFERS FREE TOWING! 09228504452 -09224452242 -09228997959. (reposted from a friend)

From Jonas Diego:
says If you know of overpricing for meds/basic goods DTI hotline at 751-3330. Save receipts as evidence!

From Ricky Baizas:
BULACAN HAS NOT YET RECEIVED RELIEF GOODS FROM THE NATIONAL GOVERNMENT, So that we can help our fellow Filipinos there in BULACAN, you can send your donations in cash but PREFERABLY IN KIND at… #1 MAY ST. CONGRESSIONAL VILLAGE PRO…JECT 8, QUEZON CITY. You can reach my staff through contact nos. 02-9274776/ 09212611308/ 09291816111.

From Leah Camilla R. Besa-Jimenez:
For International Donors, go straight to Red Cross PH through Paypal Here are other sites where you can also easily donate , , and MyAyala . Please repost and retweet.

From Jenn Manigao:
Looks like Tropical Storm Parma and Tropical Depression 18 will spare the Philippines this week. Will check again tomorrow. Here are the links:

From Jane Tenefrancia Uymatiao:
Repost from Noelle: VICTORY ORTIGAS UPDATE: We need trucks, vans, vehicles to help deploy relief goods! (Particularly to Canyogan, Pasig) Please call 631-1212.

From Tracy Abad:
Brg PALASAN in Valenzuela is in need of DONATIONS! coordinate with brgy capt. EDDIE Lzada 09178970187 – They’ve been asking for help since saturday and they were DENIED of HELP by their own MAYOR because of political issues. Please HELP! (from Soki)

From Charo Limaco:
Repost: Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health is looking for areas that needmedical assistance. Peferrably areas that have not received any yet. They are planning to deploy on thursday. Please contact ANNE GOMEZ 09175330815.

From Leslie Dioko-Cariaso:
OR A CAN OPENER AND IT IS LOADED WITH NUTRIENTS. AFFORDABLE IN BULK. PLEASE TAKE NOTE, PASS THIS ON! I suggest we also share bath soaps, alcohol, toilet paper, baby powder, comb, towels, etc. anything for personal hygiene.

Around 4:00 PM (GMT +8:00) Sept 29

From Cacay Moras:
If you have friends and family who are stuck in their houses and need assistance, please contact Red Cross 143, MMDA 136, NDCC 9115061 & Coast Guard 5276136 for rescue. Provide street names, roof colors, landmarks, etc. so that it is easier to find them.

From Eric Kahn:
with all the help going out in plastic bags, styropore trays, plastic cups plastic spoons, tin cans, plastic bottles etc. please dont make the mistake of just throwing them on the side of the streets again. Trash is one of the major casues of flooding.  This will all happen again if we arent vigilant.

From Josa S. Quintas:
volunteer doctors and nurses please proceed to PNRC Shaw Blvd. near Kapitolyo Rotonda Mandaluyong City tomorrow by 10am to be deployed to different areas that need medical assistance.

From Leah Camilla R. Besa-Jimenez:
From Mark Ruiz’s sister Meg : DONATIONS ON WHEELS! If you have donations to give but no means to transport (cash/clothes/food/hygiene prods), pls contact us: Raine-09177974098, Meg-09326991794, Gerald-09189791229 and we will deliver your goods to a relief center! Delivering HOPE to the HOPELESS! 🙂 Through Jan Chavez-Arceo.

From Maricris Irene ‘iRis’ Tamolang:
At the NDCC meeting, Frisco Nilo of PAGASA said another tropical disturbance may enter the Philippine area of responsibility by Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning and make landfall in Northern Luzon or Central Luzon early next week.Frisco, meanwhile, calmed fears over the coming storm that will be named “Peping.”

From Luz Imperial-Harvey:
c/o Rollie Inocencio: Att’n relief workers in PASIG: exact address: 2 banuyo st. Phase 8 Marietta Romeo village Rosario pasig brgy. Sta lucia. Luz Imperial-Harvey is looking for her parents, a bed-ridden sister and her son. Please assist. Thank you!

From Neil Galang:
PASIG RED CROSS : We have enough volunteers but in need of more vehicles for the deployment of relief goods. Vans, pickups or trucks needed.

From Chiz Escudero:
Also please send help to Sta. Maria, Bulacan. Nobody, not even the local officials, have taken action to address the calamity.

Photo from Marizel Sarangelo, taken from a neighborhood in Fairview, Quezon City.
Photo from Marizel Sarangelo, taken from a neighborhood in Fairview, Quezon City.

Around 5:00 PM (GMT +8:00) Sept 29

From Juliana Palermo:  
Show some LOVE!!! Please donate via RED CROSS, Globe or smart.   TYPE: RED<space>AMOUNT ex: RED 100 and send to 4483 (SMART) or 2899(GLOBE) Amounts that can be donated are as follows:10, 25, 50, 100, 300. You can send more than one message!=)

From Pilipinas Kontra ConAss:
NO CLASSES TIL FRIDAY! Students, find out how you can help typhoon victims today!

From Alvin Chua:
GMA used up 800million pesos for foreign trips. Kaya pala meron tayong 12 ambulances, 59 rubber boats – our assets. wow. dami!

From Regina Layug:
Going East tonight, to visit/help friends and relatives in Pasig, Cainta and Marikina. Text me at 0917-8163500, maybe we can check on your friends/relatives too. Or PM me their info. Full names and address, and directions if possible.

From Nelson Capulso:
There are at least 4 trucks servicing villagers in and out of Greenwoods. But you still have to walk knee-deep water to the main gate to get to the trucks to carry you to Pasig Rotonda. That’s good news…need to buy food. Going back to Greenwoods same routine..Basing on the 2003 flood, they say water will recede in a weeks time.

From Brian Cua:
Donate your clothes/shoes that you haven’t worn in a year! Your closet would love some breathing room!

From Sara Lecciones:
Pls refrain from posting unnecessary status msgs most esp quiz results (for chrissake, youve the option to unpublish!). Facebook is now being used for faster dissemination of rescue calls, updates, and other important info re: Typhoon Ketsana / Ondoy.–PLEASE REPOST.

From Maui Vera Reyes-Drilon:
From Neva: Stories from Provident Vill Mkna: relief goods not distributed bec they’re waiting for MEDIA COVERAGE!!! pls help

From Cacay Moras:
for those in California: MANILA BOX USA is now accepting donations in kind & will provide FREE shipping to Manila. Items will be sent by Sea Cargo and will delivered to the Whitespace Relief Center/Mar Roxas Headquarters in Cubao. Please drop them off at their warehouse: 361 Beach Road Burlingame , CA 94010 or call (650.342.2858) Please pack them in boxes for easier handling. Business hours Mon-Fri 9am-6pm

From Joanna U. Zuñiga:

From Suzzie Ng
We would be conducting relief operations and feeding program within the week so we are seeking for your support. Kindly donate canned goods/ noodles/clothes/toiletries/biscuits/blankets/ rice & bottled water for they are of need at the moment. Cash donations are welcome as well. Please help us in this endeavor to help out our less fortunate citizens. For sure your small acts of kindness will go a long way.

For Donation Information Contact:  Mobile: 09178544566  Email:  We’ll update you if we’ll be needing volunteers.  Thank you!xxx

From Etta Medina:
attention..PROVIDENT VILLAGE MARIKINA in urgent need of POLICE!!! Gunshots every night, relief trucks looted. HOSTILITY LEVEL HIGH

From Merrie Chris Capuli
RT: Angat dam releases water;warning up over Norzagaray,Hagonoy,Calumpit, Pulilan, Sn. Rafael, Angat, Bustos, Baliuag & Plaridel in Bulacan.

From Angel Abella:
As of 5:00 pm: IN NEED OF VOLUNTEERS: Balay Expo in Cubao, Red Cross, World Vision OVERSTAFFED: LSGH, ADMU, Xavier, UP, Megatent.

From Claire Agbayani:
My friends Nonoy and Ruth Floresca invited their sons to help in repacking goods at the World Vision office. I’m sure that their kids will never forget this experience.

Around 6:00 PM (GMT +8:00) Sept 29

Photo taken by my friends Jam and Mon.  In Marikina, floodwaters rose up quickly, forcing residents to seek higher ground by camping out on rooftops in the pouring rain.  While floodwaters have already receded in villages in Marikina, residents are now faced with the daunting task of cleaning and rebuilding.
Photo taken by my friends Jam and Mon. In Marikina, floodwaters rose up quickly, forcing residents to seek higher ground by camping out on rooftops in the pouring rain. While floodwaters have already receded in these villages, residents are now faced with the daunting task of cleaning and rebuilding.

From Mariami Tanangco:
it’s depressing, travelling through marikina now. ruins, ruins everywhere. long lines for water and food, people cleaning their homes of mud. let’s donate or volunteer. kahit papano, kahit magkano, kahit blankets o damit o noodles o mineral water.

From Lee Grane:

From Liliane Cobiao:
With over 100K people in shelters, stagnant water, outbreak of disease are feared. Philhealth is willing to provide coverage for affected families and medicines but needs sponsor partners. Sa…mple: Sponsor gives P60k, Philhealt…h gives coverage to 200 families and P30K worth of meds. Please call Jam @687-4956 or email From Etta Medina

From Jonas Diego:
says RT: hope help wud reach Malaban, Binan, Laguna.  Those people living near Laguna de Bay already evacuated needs food & clothing. #ondoy #fb

From Yumi Calderon:
repost: hello friends. i know everyone is worried about cainta and marikina, but we went to muntinlupa today. squaters area still under water. people still on their roofs. i saw this. i also heard that marikina has enough supplies (for now). megatent… and muntinlupa in dire need. pls help additional note: the people there are STARVING and getting wild due to lack of assistance.

From Cacay Moras:
UPDATE FROM CEBU: 2 container vans has been filled with life jackets and water!! 🙂 closed and sealed ready to be shipped… Thank you to all who helped make this happen! 🙂

Around 7:00 PM (GMT +8:00) Sept 29

From Lora Morier:
is alive and well. Not all of Manila is underwater though she is worried about the next typhoon hitting the area again SOON.

From Angel Abella:
RT: @christiandeleon People in Pililla Rizal also need help. No food & drinking water for 3 days now! Stranded due2 landslides |*| RT @mlq3 GK at RFM Gym & Kapuso Foundation Warehouse, Charles Conrad St., Dona Faustina Village II, Brgy. Culia…t, Tandang Sora needs volunteers |*| RT @carlosceldran: Red Cross Port Area is sufficiently manned for now but by the 8-10PM shift needs people then |*|

From Valerie Peramide:
let’s help rebuild homes and lives. There is always something you can do to help.

From Charisse Abalos:
just came from the most affected areas in Mandaluyong. We’d really appreciate donations of clothes and footwear. There are children walking around on their bare feet. 😦 You can bring them over at the Mandaluyong City Hall, or contact me here (via private message). Thanks!

From Angie Legaspi:
It’s the giving that’s more important, it’s not what you get, so find someone to cheer, & you will have no regret. For those who are abroad & wish to help: Philippines Needs Your Help

From Jane Tenefrancia Uymatiao:
Scenes from the volunteerism efforts of students, parents, teachers, staff and friends alike at Xavier School to prepare relief goods for the victims of Tropical Storm Ondoy.  Two of my kids and a nephew pitched in too. What an experience for us all!

Around 8:00 PM (GMT +8:00) Sept 29

Photo by AFP Getty Images.  As the floodwaters from Typhoon Ondoy /International Storm Ketsana recede, rescuers are faced with the grim task of recovering the dead.  At the height of the floods, raging waters were strong enough to tear down walls, toss vehicles around, and even carry off those unlucky enough to be caught in the currents.
Photo by AFP Getty Images. As the floodwaters from Typhoon Ondoy /International Storm Ketsana recede, rescuers are faced with the grim task of recovering the dead. At the height of the floods, raging waters were strong enough to tear down walls, toss vehicles around, and even carry off those unlucky enough to be caught in the currents.

From Cacay Moras:
The toll, thus far, from Typhoon Ondoy / Tropical Storm Ketsana in the Philippines: at least 240 dead; at least two million people affected across 25 provinces on the island of Luzon; at least 100,000 people displaced; and metro Manila, one of the most populous metropolises on Earth, was nearly 80 percent flooded   urgent repost for relief efforts: Food/meds requested at E.Rodriguez Elementary School in Montalban, some evacuees there said to be dying.

From Melanie Dujunco:
reposted 4 min. ago: saabmagalonaRT @jeid16: REPOST: PROVIDENT VILLAGE MARIKINA in urgent need of POLICE! Gunshots every night, relief trucks looted. HOSTILITY LEVEL HIGH

From Dennis Poliquit:
REPOST> Eric Virata: PNRC NEEDS VOLUNTEERS.We are welcoming volunteers at the Philippine National Red Cross Nat’l Headquarters in Anda Circle,Bonifacio Drive,Port Area Manila…just walk in and say you want to help…if you want to donate bri…ng bottle water, sardines, and instant noodles for the relief packs they put together.

From Leslie Dioko-Cariaso:
REPOST from Krissy: Got info from Asa Uy wall post asking us to extend relief goods to San Pedro, Laguna too since almost all donation went to the Metro area. They say it will take 3 mos. for flood waters to subside & their calamity fund is not enough. Kindly coordinate with JCI Mem. LESLIE LU 09088623507.

From Kristine Abigail Miranda Lingbaoan:  
Nasa jeep kanina ay may nakita akong batang mag hawak na mineral water bottle na kulay orange at…. may mukha at name ni Sen. Manny Villar. Bakit ganun, may panahon pa silang mag-ganun sa kabila ng lahat. Hindi ba pwedeng bukal sa puso ang tulong at walang halong pamumulitika. Nakakapanlumo.

From Cacay Moras:
Suggestion: 1 egg costs PhP 2.50 and banana (saba) costs PhP 1.75 each. At PhP2,500, you can buy 1,000 raw eggs or 1,400 pcs. of banana. Take them to Enderun so they can boil these there for distribution! Boiled egg is a good source of protein and banana is good for potassium and to combat dehydration and, it’s biodegradable.

Enderun Culinary school has produced over 5200 meals since yestrday. They need more goods. People are counting on them. Pls donate canned goods, instant noodles, crackers, biscuits, milk in tetra packs. They accept raw food too & rice. Enderun campus is located at 1100 Campus Avenue McKinley Hill, Fort BonifacioTaguig City. Tel 856.5000. Thank you.

Around 9:00 PM (GMT +8:00) Sept 29

From Melanie Dujunco:
Please help to displace the flood water in SAN ANTONIO ABAD, MAYBUNGA, PASIG. Flood is 3 days old, breeding mosquitoes and other diseases. Water level is waist deep in the low lying areas, shin deep in the higher grounds. Please send pumps ASAP.

From Charo Limaco:
Packing is on hold because we lack items! They’re asking us to text! Water rice noodles toiletries!

From Ron B. Titular:
Gianormous traffic going to marcos hiway from all directions, but it is moving.

From Leslie Dioko-Cariaso:
REPOSTING w/ UPDATED contact #s: Relief goods also badly needed at San Pedro, Laguna. They say it will take 3 months for flood waters to subside & their calamity fund is not enough. Men of big hearts & good will may proceed to San Pedro and/or contact LESLIE LU at 0908-8623507.

From James Deakin:
thinks there should be a special place in hell for those who extort during a crisis. Its bad enough a Merville guard would ask for money to let vehicles pass that were delivering relief goods, its even worse that a board member of the village would refuse to do anything about it when my wife reported it. Instead, she ends up getting yelled at.

From Raffy Barreiro:
The government and the private sector with security agencies can help prevent looting in severely hit areas! Please help! Village security and the Home Owners Associations should step up!

From Marizel M. Sarangelo:
Nobody would have predicted the devastation brought about by Ondoy. Even our town here up north perched on one of the highest parts of the city wasn’t spared. Houses near the creek were devastated by two-storey high flood waters last saturday and the onslaught reached all the way down the far stretches of the creek. Families were displaced, pets were lost or worse yet dead due to drowning and a number of families lost their love ones who were carried by the fast rising water along the muddy banks.  all relief efforts have been handed to our captain jose arnel quebal and private residents around the area. Still, more help is needed and it seems that what we do and what we have is never enough. But we soldier on, hand in hand we shall overcome.

From Abie Co-Floreza:
Reposting: Temporary lodging places are available at Ateneo Faculty Housing (4266001 loc. 4036 c/o Ms. Sofie Castro) and New Dorms (4266001 loc. 5930 c/o Mr. Mon Bunag). Shelter also provided at the MVP Student Center.

From Heide Lynne Canlas:
RT @helloluis So we have fake donation centers, media-hogging govt officials, and now evacuees reselling relief goods. Oh, humanity. #ondoy

From Cacay Moras:
pls.share! people need help.your P150 can be a relief pack for an entire family.

Photo from John Estallo.  John and his friends headed over to the flood-struck areas of Pasig City to hand out much-needed supplies: food, water, towels and dry clothes, mostly.  Elsewhere, ordinary people are helping out however they can- volunteering at relief camps, helping out the rescue teams, relaying information and updates, and getting others to join in.
Photo from John Estallo. John and his friends headed over to the flood-struck areas of Pasig City to hand out much-needed supplies: food, water, towels and dry clothes, mostly. Elsewhere, ordinary people are helping out however they can- volunteering at relief camps, helping out the rescue teams, relaying information and updates, and getting others to join in.

Around 10:00 PM (GMT +8:00) Sept 29

From Jean Claire A. Dy:

From Mari Kaimo:
On the lighter side naman: a look at some of the rescue craft created by entrepreneurially-inclined residents of a town in Pasig…

From Melanie Dujunco:
La Salle Greenhills has been deploying thousands of bags everyday. But as of 5:30PM today(09/29/2009), they still need supplies for 25,000 families 15,000 families from Marilao & 10,000 families from Rizal/Marikina. LSGH still needs ready to eat food & water to be able to supply our unfortunate kababayan’s needs. You may drop off your donations at Gate 2 of La Salle Greenhills, Ortigas Avenue anytime…

From Chelleypie Sy:
Let today be a day of compassion, let us feel our bond of humanity. Put aside color, geography, wealth, education, political and religious beliefs, and feel the throb of each human heart in your heart. Never let your compassionate connection with all… creation be limited by your politics, your language, or your traditions. Know that Spirit transcends all cultural differences and embraces all creation. Reach out…

From Carlos Celdran:
its ten o clock. And Im filling sacks of rice with the Jaycees at Baypark. What are you doing?

From NJ Torres:
Repost for those who want to contribute bottled water in Makati: ATTN please assist vounteers at WhiteSpace, Pasong Tamo Extn. In need of additional drinking water supplies for distribution. Assembly line at a standstill. Thanks very much

From Rachel Malaguit:
Manila will move on. It’s a city of survivors.

Around 11:00 PM (GMT +8:00) Sept 29

From Chris Otero:
Additional tip/reminder from Violeta Imperial: To all brave volunteers going to the relief and evacuation centers, Please be careful, bring extra set of clothes(you might spend the night), nametag (if u have), Raincoat, Wear rubbershoes, personal water bottle, please bring your own food, and happy thoughts of being a blessing to others. Thank you Thank you and GOD Bless.

From Lee Grane:
::: Relief operations badly needed at Pinagbuhatan elementary school in Pasig. There are an estimated 400 families there that are still surrounded by chest deep water. First supplies arrived only this evening. Thank you Dodot Jaworski for initiating …this. The surrounding area is submerged as well and in need. I hope the military can get their act together. A couple of boats is not enough to carry what’s needed!!

From Carlos Celdran:
salutes the Jaycees. They cancelled their board election night parties & donated all the Php & labor to Ondoy relief. Classy. Kudos.

From Sue Prado:
REPOSTING: report scams, mapagsamantala persons/establishments> If you know of overpricing for meds/basic goods DTI hotline at 751-3330. Save receipts as evidence!

From Lorainne Naig:
Thank you guys for those who helped, participated and gave their donations for Ondoy victims. And also for our prayers… For those who still wanted to give their donations please let us know.. God Bless you all!

Photo taken by Cynthia Reyes.  St. Marys Avenue in Provident Village, Makati.  At the height of the floods, this main thoroughfare into the village was a roaring river of floodwater.
Photo taken by Cynthia Reyes. Residents and relief workers trudge through the muddied streets, this one along St. Mary's Avenue in Provident Village, Makati. At the height of the floods, this main thoroughfare into the village was a roaring river of floodwater, crashing into homes and tossing aside everything in its path.

Around 12:00 MN (GMT +8:00) Sept 30

From Sue Prado:
Repost: Ateneo needs more donations of men’s trousers, pants, shorts, and underwear, as well as sanitary napkins and toothbrushes and toothpaste. Please repost!

From Ito Rapadas:
(REPOST) For those in Australia: PAL shipping donations from Australia Free Of Charge! Sydney Delivery point for donations in kind: Revesby Press 3/50 George Street Granville. Ph:9760 0933. Urgently seeking donations of clothes, blankets, canned goods.,medical supplies. Please segregate clothing according to: infants, girls, boys, women, men, shoes! Please call 0414-736-231.

From Yvette Tan
thru Jennifer Jacinto Weber: For people whose houses have been submerged: 1. Make sure you use CLOROX for dirt and not just Lysol to kill mold; 2. Spray/Fumigate against mosquitoes, or there will be an outbreak of dengue & cholera may follow. Please pass. (Note: Earth-friendly MESSY BESSY or PLANTEX better than Clorox.)

From Jeremy-Benjamin Domingo:
Thank you, Bob Guerrero: The world needs to know how bad it is. Facts on Typhoon Ketsana: – 380,000 are homeless and seeking shelter in evacuation centers. Food running out. – 450mm of rain fell in 9 hours, what usually falls in 1 month and nearly 2x Katrina rainfall. Waters rose as high as 20 ft. – Some places have received little or no aid 4 days after the rains because waters have yet to subside.

From Sunny Lucero:
let’s minimize the use of plastic. they will end up clogging drainage systems. what goes around comes around. just a thought.

From Karen Ang:
Help needed at Payatas. Corpses all over lacks media attention. Please repost so others can also take action.

From Sandy Allan:
IMMEDIATE AID is needed in San Antonio Abad, Maybunga, Pasig. WATER IS NOT SUBSIDING. In danger of dengue & water borne diseases. SEND HELP! THANK YOU TO WANGGO GALLAGA FOR THIS POST!

Around 1:00 AM (GMT +8:00) Sept 30

From Nityalila Saulo:
Reposting: Message from a doctor: For people whose houses have been submerged: 1. Make sure you use CLOROX for dirt and not just Lysol to kill molds. Then 2. Spray/Fumigate against mosquitoes, otherwise there will be an outbreak of dengue & cholera may follow. Please pass.

From Ito Rapadas:
For our US Northeast/ New York city based kababayans: You may bring your donated goods to Pandayan Center, 406 W40th St. Between 9th and 10th Ave, NY 10018 or call 212-564-6057 for more information.

From Carlos Celdran:
CONGRESS can no longer deny the fucking connection between overpopulation and the destruction of the environment. Too much trash from too many people causing too much trouble. We’ve turned a blind eye for way too long already. Pass the fucking R…eproductive Health Bill already, godammit. Fucking VOTE on it already will you??

From I Love Manila:
Muelmar Magallanes, an 18-year-old construction worker braved rampaging floods to save more than 30 people, but ended up sacrificing his own life in a last trip to rescue a baby girl

From Josa S. Quintas:
RT- Since every1 else is giving out goods for adults…pls don’t forget the BABIES! they need clothes, diapers, warm blankets, formula and baby cereal! I can’t imagine the pain the mothers must be feeling.It’s not easy

From Mari Kaimo:
Many thanks to those who’ve already given donations of relief goods. May God richly bless you all! Today we had teams in Marikina handing out relief bags, helping with home clean ups and we did a soup kitchen effort elsewhere as well.  But since there are so many who remain in desperate need, we are still accepting donations at Word Community Church at #352 Capt. Henry Javier St., in Pasig, just down the street from Ultra and the Valle Verde Country Club. Our phone # there is 910-0777
May God bless and save the Philippines!

Around 2:00 AM (GMT +8:00) Sept 30

From Lee Grane:
REPOST: Everclear Water Station needs help preparing 9000 water bottles for flood victims. Shift starts at 6pm tonight till 8am tomorrow. Address: 38 Sct. de Guia cor. sct. santiago turn to roces from tomas morato then right at sct. sntiago. Store is…… at the corner. Text Clarisse 09189142369 or Greg 09285021988. BADLY NEED PEOPLE FOR 3am shifts. go now if you can, text numbers above.

From Kaye Ricamora:
For friends and family living in the Greater Manila Area as well as in the other parts of the Philippines, cancel any plans to go on trips to other islands because there’s another storm coming in… Bigger boats and planes can be very well affe…cted by the storm as smaller boats and planes… So please, put your safety and the safety of your family first!

From Jeremy-Benjamin Domingo:  
Time Magazine asks, “Why Wasn’t Manila Prepared?”,8599,1926646,00.html?xid=rss-topstories-cnnpartner

From Jean Claire A. Dy:
is trying to feel positive today, although it’s so hard to feel that way what with what’s happening in manila.

From a set of photos compiled by Tanya Escaler.
From a set of photos compiled by Tanya Escaler. A family wades through floodwaters to safety. Days after Typhoon Ondoy/ International Storm Ketsana came roaring through Metro Manila, several villages in Pasig, Cainta and Marikina still have knee-high floods as poor drainage prevents the waters from subsiding.

Read about my own personal Typhoon Ondoy / Internatiional Storm Ketsana here.  You can also check out my previous posts on Typhoon Ondoy /International Storm Ketsana here.


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  1. san pa po ang nangangailangan ng help na station today… we would like to help kahit distribution or sorting or repacking we need contacts and some info… hmmm please post some info.. thank you.. ill be waiting…

  2. Hello Abe. Thanks for wanting to help out. Spread the word, my good man.

    I suggest you head on over here. A bunch of volunteer map makers have been maintaining this map, so anyone anywhere would be informed of important flood updates, or areas in need of donations or rescue.

    There are also a lot of useful contact details on that same page.

    Here are a few others

    From Kathy Ferrer:
    I found on Facebook just now:
    Habitat for Humanity RP conducting soup kitchen Pasig Evacuation Centers 6am-2pm Oct. 2-4 Volunteers 8973069, 09178260881

    From via RJ Ledesma:
    Relief supplies ready for distribution today at the Operation Tulong Bayan Balay Relief Processing Center in Cubao. Operation Tulong Bayan has processed over 50,000 relief packs. For those wishing to donate, please contact Rapa at 639189161965 – Pls donate cash, kind and your time – Mabuhay Ang Bayanihan Spirit!

    From Oneal Rosero:
    Please help! I’m trying to organize badly needed cleanup operations in Provident Village. We need trucks, spades and shovels, and manpower. Please contact me at 0917-8163500.

    From Jam Yap:
    PLEASE HELP: Enderun College at McKinley Hill Fort Bonifacio needs FOOD DONATIONS – they COOK MEALS for the victims – they NEED: BIG CANS of CORNED BEEF/SARDINES, POTATOES, EGGS, ONIONS, RICE! CALL: 09178812067! Please REPOST!

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