Online Chatter on Philippine Typhoon Ondoy

Share This Post: monitoring chatter on Facebook via my friends’ and contacts’ status updates, with Renzie Baluyut.

For a list of rescue hotlines, links and resources, please click this link.

Help out the victims of Typhoon Ondoy /Kestsana.  Click on this link to find out how you can help today.

It was a harrowing day yesterday as an entire month’s worth of September rain poured down on Metro Manila and surrounding areas in just a few short hours. We were right smack in the path of Typhoon Ondoy, or Ketsana.  The result was disastrous.  Never have I seen widespread flooding of this magnitude, and they say the last time a similar deluge happened in the city was some 42 years ago.

Needless to say, the entire city is a disaster area.  Check out the news coverage on Typhoon Ondoy/Ketsana on the BBC and CNN here.  Photos from all over the city can be found here on Yahoo News.

Here are some status updates I compiled from my friends, colleagues and contacts from Facebook, covering a 12-hour period, from midnight last night, to just around noon today.  This pretty much gives you an idea of how bad things are around here, as people all over Metro Manila have to deal with the massive downpour brought about by Typhoon Ondoy /Ketsana.

Around 12:oo MN (GMT +8:00) Sept 27

From Carol Valdez:
My heart goes to everybody affected by Typhoon Ondoy. Keep safe. I will keep on praying for rain to stop and rescue be made immediately.

From Carlos Celdran:
is sitting in the dark. No lights in malate. Roxas boulevard is pitch black.

From Abbi Gabasa:
Hurricane Katrina dumped OVER AN INCH of rainfall in Louisiana for 3 hours and another 0.5 inches per hour over the next 5 hours on August 29, 2005. Ondoy dumped an AVERAGE OF 2.24 INCHES per hour for six hours… and is still going. PLEASE EXTEND YO…UR SUPPORT & PRAYERS FOR MANILA’S RECOVERY FROM THIS DISASTER.

From Philippine Beaches:
MRT and LRT is on 24hrs Operation, please spread. Red Cross Rubberboats.RED CROSS: 0917-899-7898 and 0938-442697,National Disaster Coordinating Council (NDCC) Emergency Numbers: 911-1406, 912-2665, 911-5061, 912-5296, 911-1873, 912-2112 Help

From Riza G. Gonzales:
OMG…still no electricity in here, telcos busted… News says it will go on for days before we can get back to normal state. Pls help us pray for our families and friends who were affected by the typhoon!

From Sandy Allan:
skyway’s open/free southbound! quezon ave is loosening up. QC circle is ok. philcoa is ok, commonwealth to tandang sora is ok. Airport/Taft area is still chaotic. Don’t pass by Buendia from Ayala towards Taft/Roxas Blvd. Traffic is not moving.

From Ito Rapadas:
Malls in Metro Manila are commanded by government to open and provide free parking to all stranded vehicles now. Call your relatives and friends currently stranded in the street to invoke this so that they can park to rest in malls.

From Cristina Ganzon:
Batangas under state of calamity. Power cut in most towns of Quezon province. Thousands of families evacuated in Laguna. Thousands stranded in major ports of Calabarzon. Rizal death toll up to 46.

Around 1AM (GMT +8:00) Sept 27

From Aida Baltazar:
distressing how ill-equipped we still are in responding to calamities. 2 rubber boats? seriously. fb friends here and abroad, relief donations for flood victims can be coursed through Red Cross. you’ll be assured it will get to the right beneficiaries and not land in ukay ukay.

From Francis Euston R. Acero:
RT @ageofbrillig: DZMM: Bulacan dams Angat & Ipo have released water after exceeding spilling level, creekside residents told to evacuate.

From Melanie Dujunco:
Appeal to those who have access to 4×4 trucks for rescue. Please send vehicles to Greenhills Shopping Center in front of Unimart Grocery to await deployment strategy. Call or text 09209072902 to confirm your pledge. Thank you.

From Ron Titular:
please pray for our home, my helpers and our community in marikina read here a friend who lives nearby said the waters are going down and he’ll check… in on our home in the morning! We appreciate the prayers!

From Jei El Lim Deogracias:
how epic is this flood? Here’s an excerpt from the GMANews.TV story. Cruz said the total rainfall from “Ondoy” in the first six hours of the storm, which measured 341 millimeters, broke the record for the highest 24-hour rainfall of 33…4 millimeters in metropolitan Manila recorded by Pagasa in June 1967. “We were able to break that record in a span of six hours.” he said…

From Cecille Rebollos:

From Yumi Calderon:
hmmm, cant believe that some people stranded on the roof top of their homes refuse to be rescued, and prefers to stay there. that same boat could’ve saved more people wanting to be saved.

From Chris Otero:
Just received word that PNP boats are in Provident village. Please tell your family and friends to yell or signal them if they hear the boats. Hang in there, folks!!

From Monica Poliquit:
Don’t forget to donate medicines too!!! Those people stuck under the cold rain for hours with hardly food or water will surely get sick…

From Ariel A. Roda:
LIFELINE RESCUE’s Central Dispatch “guided a father over the phone through the delivery of his own baby while trapped at home due to impassable floods. For similar situations, please ask those in need to call 16-911. All other ambulance ser…vices are out; only LIFELINE RESCUE is still on the road. Bless their souls!

From Ingrid M. Nieto:
FINALLY, the airline that says ‘it’s time everyone flies’ decided to cancel… after we have packed our stuff, checked out of the hotel, lined up and paid. cancelled. my heart goes out to the other passengers… cebu pac didn’t even… offer to accommodate or feed them as a result of the cancellation. tsk tsk tsk

From Joey Valdez:
my friend’s 5-MONTH OLD niece, her mother, and 4 other kids, up on roof in Cambridge St., Provident Village, Marikina – house under water, help needed. Please contact Therese at (920) 915-2140.

From Chayenne De Leon:
Fucking pathetic. RT @raincontreras: GMA’s LEGACY! RT @jimparedes: The rescue effort has 13 boats? That’s it?

From Richard Campos:
We need boats & light watercraft now… Lots of potable water in the next few days for the badly hit areas… Sadly, both are quite rare in the middle of the city at the moment…

Around 2AM (GMT +8:00) Sept 27

From Bianca Consunji:
Right now, I’m still freaked out by how half our house was submerged in water, but I’m glad my whole family is safe. Things are looking pretty bad, but thank you to everyone who texted, offering shelter and every conceivable form of assista…nce. (incidentally, we didn’t need to be rescued as some thought; only the first floor was flooded–but thanks just the same for offering your houses). Will update soon.

From Joanna Zuñiga:
passed by the katipunan flyover. the only road going to marikina is blocked by trucks and cars. how the fuck are you gonna evacuate ppl?

From Kay Mirabueno Mabbayad:
REPOST: 1.6 million Philippine Facebook users. Donate 100 pesos each and we’ll raise 160 million for Red Cross rescue and relief. Red Cross donation through SMS: text RED<space>AMOUNT to 2899 (Globe) or 4483 (Smart). Spread the word and help.

From Gladys Palarca:
Please, please send help to 132 Athens St. Greenpark, Pasig. My sister who has a newborn infant and 2 young kids are trapped inside a room in their single level house. Water is still rising!! — All numbers/hotlines have been cal…led, but to no avail. Anyone w/ connections in Greenpark Pasig area, much help would be appreciated. Thanks.

From Yumi Calderon:
Repost: Junior Chamber International – Manila will be accepting donations at the Baypark parking lot Tent on Roxas Blvd starting tomorrow to help the victims hit by typhoon Ondoy. Volunteers are welcome to join the packing of goods. (Canned Goods, Ready-to-drink Milk, Bottled Water, Blankets and Clothes)

around 3AM, Manila Time (GMT +8:00) Sept 27

From AJ Matela:
I wonder if the 100+ ICT call center employees who were stranded on the second floor of their Marikina Riverbanks site have been rescued.

From Melanie Dujunco:
Missing students: AdMu students : Danella Publico, Rochelle Maderazo, Ivory Garcia, Joyce Banzuela – families lookng 4 them. Please leave a message if you have news. thanks.

around 4AM, Manila time (GMT +8:00) Sept 27

From Regina Layug:
The flood water on Columbia Street has gone down to 5ft. It was at 14ft earlier. The rains have stopped. The rescue boats are still far away though.

From Mutya Bose-Roldan
Has CNN even reported about the worst Phil. typhoon Ondoy yet? Please donate to Philippine Red Cross to help victims:

From Shey Libby:
power is back after 11 hrs. thank god it has stopped raining. my dad is in makati office but at least he’s safe and dry. i’ve never been so scared like that.

From Leah Camilla R. Besa-Jimenez:
You can send donations online to Philippine National Red Cross for Ondoy flood victims

Around 5AM Manila Time (GMT +8:00) Sept 27

From Manuel L. Quezon III:

Today was tough, but we’ll get through it. Let’s help each other out. Please visit to see how.

If you know anyone who needs help please fill in the spreadsheet with the location info:

Here’s what you can do even if you’re home.

1. E-mail friends/relatives overseas to donate to Red Cross for Philippine flood victim relief. Philippines’ Red Cross accepts credit card donations. Click here:
2. If possible, go to Red Cross in Port Area to help wrap and prepare relief goods.
3. Call your parish to find out plans when rains subside so you know where , how to help.
4. Pledge what would’ve been this weekend’s gimmick money for disaster relief.

Contact your local Red Cross chapter to find out how you can best be of assistance in the coming hours and days:

Keep phones charged at all times. Here are some numbers that might help:

NCRPO 838-3203 or 838-3354 for rubber boat requests;
NDCC (National Disaster Coordinating Council) Emergency Numbers: 912-5668, 911-1406, 912-2665;
Help hotlines: 734-2118, 734-2120. 0938-444BOYS

Text Meralco at 09175592824 if you want service cut off to your area to prevent fires.

BUREAU OF FIRE PROTECTION HOTLINES: 729-5166, 410-6254, 413-8859, 407-1230

Around 6AM Manila Time (GMT +8:00) Sept 27

From Cris Otero:
Reposting- C5 from Boni to Libis is clear (both lanes) using flyovers. Traffic Ortigas-C5 intersection since portions of Cainta remain impassable. Katipunan White Plains to Miriam College is clear except for slight build-up on the flyover where Marik……ina residents and bystanders are waiting it out. No passable routes to Marikina as of 8:30 am. Areas along Marcos still deep.

From Pepper Tanchi:
finally got an SMS from my dad. Our 1st floor is flooded. Never happened before – our house is on a small hill. Can only imagine how the others are 😦

From Oliver Mendez:
As of 6am (Manila time, Sunday), people from across the river at the back of Eastwood City are still stranded on rooftops, screaming for help, food…please pass on this message to people who may be able to help..

From James Jabile:
Is fervently praying for the Philippines and its people, especially those who have been greatly affected by the floods. To all my family and friends back home, please be safe.

From Kristel Alino-Aberilla:
Friends in the US who wish to help our flooded Filipino brothers, you may donate through the American Red Cross. Call 1-800-435-7669

Around 7AM Manila Time (GMT +8:00) Sept 27

From Althea Cunanan:
Ok. So I was offline for hours due to the raging typhoon in Manila. Affected our DSL line. That’s nothing compared to the plight of the others – imagine being on your rooftop! Can’t even begin to think what to carry with me. Laptop, maybe? IDs, jewelry, and OMG, shoes?!

From Lorainne Naig:
Call these numbers for help: Dick Gordon 09178997898 or 0938444BOYS Philippine Natl RED CROSS. Contact NCRPO 838-3203, 838-3354 for rubber boat requests. You can also text 091… or 0927-675-1981 for rescue dump trucks. FWD THIS MESSAGE PLS!

Around 8AM Manila Time (GMT +8:00) Sept 27

From Dada Matanguihan:
Donate P5, 25, 50, 100 and 300 to Red Cross Humanitarian Efforts through SMS: text RED<space>AMOUNT to 2899 (Globe) or 4483 (Smart). We were lucky, now it’s time to help and share. 🙂

From Cecilia Regina Aquino Blanquera-Marmol:
it’s not enough to tweet emergency numbers. i’m going out now to see what i can actually do for my ka-barangays. catch you all later.

From Ito Rapadas:
If indeed sea levels are rising gradually through the years, then there will come a time when an Ondoy type disaster will wipe out and wash away even 3 to 4 storey buildings in Marikina and elsewhere.

From Fritz Tentativa:
If ur car is submerged in water. DO NOT try to start your car! Have it towed, change oil, drain all the water from the engine. Disconnect battery and dry all electricals (esp. computer box) first. Please pass. Good morning!

Around 9AM Manila Time (GMT +8:00) Sept 27

From Kevin Codamon:
says Still 6 inches of water @ home…crap stuck in office. Hope everyone is boringly safe somewhere. (ninja)

From Angela Domingo:
This should be a lesson for everyone not to throw their garbage out in the streets/our rivers but at the proper designated areas. Let’s pray for the victims of Ondoy.

From Mary Anne Zayco:
Our ferocious pitbulls during the storm. See how valiantly they guard our property — from the second floor hallway

From Myra Nuñez:
was stuck along Roxas Boulevard for over 11 hours… Manila’s a disaster area… 😦 only happy her family’s dry and safe and ok 😦 hoping her friends’ family could be rescued today…..

From Leah Camilla R. Besa-Jimenez:
For context, Hurricane Katrina dumped over an inch of rainfall in Louisiana for 3 hours and another 0.5 inches per hour over the next 5 hours on August 29, 2005. Ondoy dumped an average of 2.24 inches per hour for six hours. Yeah. It’s bad.

Around 10AM Manila Time (GMT +8:00) Sept 27

From Geri Gatchalian Gil:
Typhoon Ondoy Relief Operations–Alabang: Pls send you food, clothing, & blanket donations to the addresses below…. Cong. Ruffy Biazon – G/F, South Center Tower Bldg, Market St., Madrigal Business Park, Alabang, Muntinlupa City. Tel# 8093132 c/o Zac Faelnar – 434 Taal St., AAV 4687991

From Violeta Imperial:
Please Help 1,800 families are now in evacuation centers in Muntinlupa City, roughly about 10,000 persons. Drop off center Red Cross Las Pinas 8734873 or 4689688 Pls donate Relief goods like can goods, rice, noodles, bottled waters, diapers, blankets, mats, decent clothes,toiletries, Cooking burners, pots, eating utensils for the evacuation center. Please dont donate gowns, costumes, used underwear n swimwears. Thank you and GOD Bless.

From Patricia Coronado:
Peeps, if you can help in any way possible. Ranvel Rufino is looking for his dad, RANDY RUFINO from BROOKSIDE, Cainta. Any news about him or updates from that area pls. PM me here or contact 09178400517. These people need to be rescued: CRIS NAVARRO-… blk 9 lot 15 Olympus Drive, Sierra Monte Villas, Filinvest2 QC & ANA YAMBAO 88 Betelnut St. Marikina East Sbdv. Rubber boat hotline is forever busy. 8383203,8383354.

From Regnard Raquedan:
Advisory: No masses in Greenbelt Chapel today. Moat around it overflowed with water due to the storm and was practically submerged yesterday.

Around 11AM Manila Time (GMT +8:00) Sept 27

From Aen Macapagal:
was stranded for FOURTEEN FREAKIN’ HOURS inside an ordinary bus,no water,no food and one effin bar of cellphone battery…straight fr0m my friday workshift!eyebags.ondoy sp0iled it all!grr.

From Patricia Coronado:
Kabayans, let’s volunteer our time in packing relief goods for the victims of ONDOY. The goods will reach the victims faster if there are more hands helping. SAGIP KAPAMILYA ADDRESS: Sagip Kapamilya No. 13 Examiner St. QC No. 413-2667 4160387 Lo…ok for Ms. Girlie Aragon. I’ll see you there, people! Thanks Daniel Tan for the info! 🙂

From Charo Limaco:
Repost: Red Cross needs volunteers Pasay 8542748/4343751; Las Pinas 8734873/4689688; Pasig 6350922; Alabang 8093132; NHQ Manila 5245787/5270864

From Lizza Guerrero Nakpil:
Citizens of San Juan can facebook me…My brother, my brother Ramon Nakpil, has set up a refuge at P.U.P. campus on Mabini Street since yesterday and they have been taking people fleeing from the floods and mayhem.

From Suzanne Grace Galing Maglonzo:
[Repost] We are opening up our Victory Greenhills center in Promenade for relief operations. Important things needed-purified water,canned goods & baby’s donations can be dropped in our offering box at the office. We are receiving donations anytime this week. Pls pass. Thank you.

From Penny Monasterial:
The Philippines was hit hard by typhoon “Ondoy” today. A lot of people have been stranded in malls, schools and even on top of their roofs.  Let’s do our best to help out. I hope everyone is safe and the rescuers get to the affected areas real fast….

From Mika Fabella:
Uh… Why are there dark clouds on the horizon again?? 0_0

From Chette Soriano:
I’m begging you. Please send rescue operations to Marietta Village in Sta. Lucia, Pasig. My nephew is on the rooftop. Please. Please.

From Michelle Baena Ciriacruz:
through floods untold and open manholes unnumbered, i fought my way here, in makati, only to go back (to Pandacan) as the streets have been stolen from me (BAHA!)… hope everyone is ok.

From Gabe Mercado:
Katipunan from UP all the way to White Plains is clear and passable. Please stay off the streets and stay home though if you have no urgent business in order not to delay rescue efforts.

From Glenn Pantig:
My brother and his family were rescued at 7AM today. They were not able to save any of their belongings but are now thankfully in good hands. Thank you friends for your prayers.

From Noemi Lardizabal-Dado:
Property damage is large but happy they are safe. We will probably buy new appliances, furniture. Our 3 cars are totally underwater.

From RJ Ledesma:
Red Cross needs volunteers for sorting, relief packaging, please call Pasay Chapter 8542748 n 4343751; Las Pinas Chapter 8734873 n 4689688; Pasig Chapter 6350922; Alabang Chapter 8093132 n NHQ Manila 5245787 n 5270864, Caritas Mnl 5……639298; DSWD 9318101. All accepts donations. All catering owners, can you help in the evacuation centers, they need big cooking pots n gas.

From Cheena Marapao Abellon:
would like to request everyone to pray for the souls of those who weren’t lucky enough to get rescued. 😥 two important persons, whom i’ve known forever, are gone because of that #*%&#@)*% rain and poor/lack of rescue facilities. 😥

From Mae Cruz:

From Carlos Celdran:
saw that water reached the knee inside San Agustin church. No damage to artifacts though.

From Bianca Consunji:
What an insultingly sunny day. Cleanup operation in full force. (But I’m still thankful that only the first floor got trashed–It could’ve been much worse, many others lost their homes. Please help out with relief operations in any way you can).

From Joyce Burton-Titular:
everything in my house is damaged. still in tagaytay, strategizing what to do when we get home and face it all. thankfully some church friends offered to help with clean up operations. thank God my 2 helpers and all my 16 cats/dogs/kittens are fine….

As I wrap up this post, rescue operations for Typhoon Ondoy /Ketsana are underway.  Everyone’s checking in on friends and family to see if they’re OK, picking up the pieces, hanging out stuff to dry, and then there’s a lot of cleaning up and rebuilding to do.

Sure, we get floods in Metro Manila, but nothing like this.   Question is: are we going to be seeing more floods just like this?  That’s global warming going on for you.  What of the Philippine government?  How ill-equipped we are to deal with a disaster like this one!  Let’s see what the politicians do with the mess left behind by Typhoon Ondoy /Ketsana.

Comforting thought: for me, together with the good people doing what they can out there, I think regular, everyday people carried through the day.  You can see which of your friends and colleagues really care about the whole Typhoon Ondoy /Ketsana rescue effort.  The Filipino spirit of bayanihan exists even online, yes even on Facebook.

Definitely more on this later on.  Read about my own personal Typhoon Ondoy /Ketsana here.

Cheers, everyone!


34 thoughts on “Online Chatter on Philippine Typhoon Ondoy

  1. We’re stranded in Rosario. Please check on my in-laws – 267 Sampaguita phase 2 greenland cainta pasig city. 2 senior citizen, 1 7 year old.

    1. Andrei, I also asked for updates from my friends and colleagues via Facebook. One of them had this to share:

      My cousin also lives at greenland– waist-level flooding, no electricity, still inaccessible via private vehicles; but otherwise okay. if you want to go there though, you have to enter via floodway.

      The update came in just now, 1:26pm on 27 September 2009.

  2. No contact with 2 relatives on mayapis st., marietta romeo village. they are senior citizens and have been separated. how is the situation there? any evacuation centers in the area?

    1. cecille: i’m looking up where marietta romero village is- i will forward this information to rescue and volunteer teams. i’ll do my best to get you some info on this, but if you manage to hear from them too, please let us know.

      stay strong.

    2. Cecille, here’s an update from Ariel, a friend of mine on Facebook:

      Saw your facebook status. Entrance to Marietta-Romeo Village in Pasig City still under water but people can now walk through the flood.

      A family friend, Mrs. Zeny Reodica, who was stranded on her rooftop for almost 24 hours, was finally rescued an hour ago by her daughter. Her house is on Michael Raymond St. inside Marietta-Romeo Village.

      For info….

      Hope this helps.

  3. paupdate naman po
    regarding sa rescue
    operations sa greenland
    cainta. at kung san dinala
    yung mga narescue at kung
    may list. maraming salamat

    1. Update on Greenland as of 1:1:26pm on 27 September 2009:

      According to a friend of mine, Greenland still has waist-level flooding. They have no electricity. The area is still inaccessible via private vehicles. Other than that, they’re alright.

  4. May relative po kami sa Brookside Cainta – Luring Cruz hindi namin ma-contact. May number po ba kayo ng baranggay captain sa Brookside?

    Thank you!

    1. alicia: i hope they’re alright. let’s send out this information to the rescue teams as well. please let us know if you’ve already heard from them as well.

    2. Update on Brookside as of 5pm, 28 Sept 2009:

      From Chette, a friend of mine on Facebook:

      You can already go inside Brookside. Most of the areas can already be accessed by foot, amidst the thigh high flood in some areas.

      From Vanessa, also another friend of mine:

      I have a friend who lives in brookside cainta, more flood in that area however, the highway is still flooded.

      Hope this helps, Alicia.

  5. From Anna, a friend of mine on Facebook:

    I’m not sure where these areas are but my family lives in Ciudad Grande, near Ever Gotesco, Ortigas Ext in Pasig. So far, roads are passable and my siblings were able to go home and see my parents safe and sound. I hope that info helps.

  6. Update as of September 28, 2:00PM:

    According to Philippine National Police spokesman Senior Superintendent Leonardo Espina, you can text the names of missing persons to the relief and rescue command posts located in Marikina, Quezon City, Pasig City and Cainta, Rizal. Needless to say, Marikina, Quezon City, Pasig and Cainta are the four areas badly hit by Typhoon Ondoy /Ketsana.

    For Marikina: coordinate with Mon Santiago at +63920.9389914
    For Quezon City: coordinate with Teresa Amarillo at +63921.6555262
    For Pasig City: send text to +63918.9356318;
    For Cainta: +63917.5606241.

    1. Hello Bebot.

      Posted an update on Brookside just a few minutes ago.

      Update on Brookside as of 5pm, 28 Sept 2009:

      From Chette, a friend of mine on Facebook:

      You can already go inside Brookside. Most of the areas can already be accessed by foot, amidst the thigh high flood in some areas.

      From Vanessa, also another friend of mine:

      I have a friend who lives in brookside cainta, more flood in that area however, the highway is still flooded.

      Hope this helps, Bebot.

    2. Hi bebot,

      Im from Brookside Parkplace Cainta Rizal. No need to worry anymore, the rain stops, the flood was gone. But the flood leaves mud. And there’s so many people helping us.


  7. hello po…im madel francisco. from masbate city..
    hoping po na maka kuha ng news about victim of thypoon ondoy in marikina. my sister and her family live there..i really dont remember the exact add. but they live near at marikina river bank. please……….i need help to find them.
    the person i am looking for is presyl francisco san victores.and her husband rene palobo san victores..and family… .please please please……if someone knows her please contact me at +639394103428.. maraming salamat po! god bless!

  8. please……..po sana matulongan nyo po ako..hinahanap ko po sila PRESYL FRANCISCO SAN VICTORES at ang asawa nya si RENE PALOBO SAN VICTORES at ang pamilya nya..nakatira po somewhere in marikina. malapit po sa marikina river bank.
    ako po ang kapatid nya madel francisco..contak num po. +639394103428. maraming salamat po…………

    1. Hello Madel. So sorry you have to go through this. My friends were able to go help out some friends and family in that area the other day. The floodwaters have generally receded so everyone’s back to cleaning up and rebuilding.

      You may want to check with these hotlines though. Took this from my other blog post:

      According to Philippine National Police spokesman Senior Superintendent Leonardo Espina, you can text the names of missing persons to the relief and rescue command posts located in Marikina, Quezon City, Pasig City and Cainta, Rizal. Needless to say, Marikina, Quezon City, Pasig and Cainta are the four areas badly hit by Typhoon Ondoy /Ketsana.

      For Marikina: coordinate with Mon Santiago at +63920.9389914
      For Quezon City: coordinate with Teresa Amarillo at +63921.6555262
      For Pasig City: send text to +63918.9356318;
      For Cainta: +63917.5606241.

      Hope this helps.

  9. Please help us locate our relatives at Greenland in Cainta. Janet Tubera and her 2 sons, 7 & 4 years old. Hindi namin sila ma-contact. Ang last na text nya sa asawa niya ay “lumubog na yong bahay at sasakyan.” That was last Saturday. Ang address nila ay: 1411 Cactus St., Greenland Executive Village, Cainta, Rizal. Thank you so much.

    1. Hello Nely.

      I hope you’ve already been able to reach your loved ones, or got word from them somehow.

      You may want to try the PNP command post they set up just for the Cainta area: 0917.5606241. You can text them the names of the missing persons, and they might have some record of them already.

      Hope this helps.

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