Have a Healthy Learning Mindset

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Besides my competencies in marketing communications, or people skills, or whatever skill set I’ve got going on, I think one of the most important attributes I have is my desire to learn.

It is a hunger for knowledge, an affinity for picking up new skills, and an equivalent desire to share what I know.

I have particularly appreciated this realization at my current age– 35, at the time of this blog post- even as I feel fairly accomplished, and thus far generally satisfied with my career and life choices.

Right now, at the top of my head?  I’d like to learn about growing my own herb and vegetable garden, or building even better websites.  I’d like to pick up more digital photography skills, and make better meat sauce, or learn to cook great soup completely from scratch.  More:  I’d like to learn to sail, and fly, and dive, and cover Depeche Mode on synths, or Boston or Dave Matthews on Guitar.

Fortunately, the internet allows us access to all the things we want to get into.  At the very least, there are all kinds of websites and e-books available to anyone who can do a fairly comprehensive search. You got all sorts of blogs and podcasts on a wide variety of topics, as niche as it can possibly be.

Then you got discussions, forums, and all kinds of communities- so you can go ahead and test your knowledge against everyone else’s.  And finally you have webinars and all sorts of e-learning programs- real convenient as you can listen to a speaker from halfway across the world while you’re having breakfast in your shorts back home in Manila.

The point is: learning now has never been easier or more convenient.  We still have our books and our films and workshops and classes, but now, there are so many additional options available, both online and off.

So go ahead- watch a new how-to video now, join the discussions on your favorite blog, share a link you found this morning on Facebook and Twitter, or sign up for a free webinar today.

This is a great time to learn all the things you ever wanted to learn.

Now is the best time to have a healthy learning mindset.

Thanks to Michael Jastremski for the cute photo.

Cheers, everyone.


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