Living Solo: The Importance of Manscaping

practical solutions to life’s biggest challenges with Andy Botwin and Renzie Baluyut.

Whether you’re living solo, or happily married with a wife and kids, there simply is no excuse for a terrible sense of personal hygeine.

There’s a reason why grooming is so important, particularly for singles and bachelors: you want to get into the habit of making yourself more appealing to the opposite sex.  And that means working on grooming and hygeine all the time, 24/7.

Here to talk more about the subject matter of manscaping is Professor Andy Botwin of the University of Andy.  Pay close attention, man.  This will save your life one day.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, go right ahead and visit the University of Andy official website, and sign yourself  up in one, several, or better yet, all of their classes designed specifically to make you a better man, all of ’em practical solutions to life’s biggest challenges.

Enroll now!

Cheers, everyone.


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