Making Better Meat Sauce

meat sauce makes everything so much better, with Renzie Baluyut.

For just about any dude who’s living solo, cooking skills are very important.  We try to cover as much as we can on this blog, so let’s move on to today’s topic: making better meat sauce.

Some meat sauce on fettucine; but dont you sometimes wish the meat were chunkier?  Image courtesy of Wikipedia.
Some meat sauce on fettuccine; but don't you sometimes wish the meat used i the sauce were a lot chunkier? Image courtesy of Wikipedia.

It’s easy to just grab a pack of ground beef (or ground pork, whatever you like) at the supermarket (or the meat shop, or the public market, wherever you do your shopping), but ask any chef, and he’d tell you that you’re a lot better off working with a nice piece of top round (the same kind of beef they use with hamburger), and chopping it up yourself into small chunks.

That way, you actually get more of the meat flavor with every bite, plus you get to practice your knife skills- a must for anyone who wants to be a better cook.

Then all you need really is some garlic, green onion, beef stock (water is fine too), marinara sauce (like the ones you can get at the store), and some salt and pepper.

Back with us today is Chef John from FoodWishes, sharing with us some tips from his very own YouTube channel.  Check out his recipe for a simple meat sauce. Enjoy!

All you need now is some pasta, some parmesan cheese, maybe some wine and a guest or two, depending on your mood.

Cheers, everyone!


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