Jupiter Suites Makati: For the Business Traveller on a Budget

from the business and travel notes of Renzie Baluyut.

As a blogger who does quite a fair amount of travelling, I can tell you right away that while getting yourself booked at a swank 5-star hotel room is a great way to go, sometimes you also may want to consider more cost-friendly alternatives.

Makati City is Metro Manila’s Commercial Business District, where all kind of offices, embassies, nightspots, restaurants and malls are located.  Definitely an ideal place to stay if you’re coming from out-of-town.

Jupiter Suites - a budget hotel in Makati City

If you’re a budget traveller on business, then you might consider checking out Jupiter Suites.  It’s conveniently located almost at the corner of Makati Avenue and Jupiter Street, a fairly short distance away from all the good malls and shopping establishments in the area.

Check out the Jupiter Suites website at http://www.jupitersuites.com.ph.  You get air conditioning, a complimentary breakfast and newspaper in the morning, and access to the internet in your very own room.

On a personal note, having internet in my hotel room is extremely important for me.  And as far as I know, Jupiter Suites is one of the few hotels in Makati City that has free internet access in its rooms as part of the standard service.

It’s actually easy to stay on-budget with Jupiter Suites; with their high-quality rooms, you can get value accommodations at a fairly affordable price.  Definitely a budget hotel in Makati City you’d want to try on your next trip.

Aside from the website, also worth checking out is Jupiter Suites’ very own Facebook page.  Go ahead and be a fan of Jupiter Suites to know all about the latest promotional offers, as well as to get feedback from others who have stayed with them.

Jupiter Suites - a budget hotel in Makati City
Cheers, everyone.


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