Check Out the AKA Mobile Directory

the local social media scene with Renzie Baluyut.

There’s a new social media application you might want to try out, particularly so if you are (or if your business is) based in the Philippines and Metro Manila.

I just signed up for the AKA Mobile Directory.  Currently only available to Philippine-based mobile networks, the application is still in its beta stage, yet its integrated web and SMS search engine promises to be the next big thing, as soon as more people, companies and establishments sign up to be part of its community.

I just signed up on the AKA Mobile Directory as Renzie.  Add me up!
I just signed up on the AKA Mobile Directory as Renzie. Add me up!

The premise is simple: you can join the AKA Mobile Directory by signing up (which is free for now) so you can be listed.

You can then search for other people, companies, events, establishments using keywords, and you can do so via the website, or if you wish, through your mobile phone (which you also should have registered).

As an individual, or as a professional, the AKA Mobile Directory is a great way to promote your profession or your services, as well as to network with other users, who can also connect with you.

As a company or an establishment, the AKA Mobile Directory is a great platform for targetted marketing and promotional campaigns.  The service has several applications integrated into it that can be readily used to generate interest, engage
customers, and encourage repeat business.

So eventually, you’ll be able to build up your own list of “watchers” (those following you on AKA), and you can broadcast to everyone on your list (via a “Yell”) or just to some selected individuals (via a “Tell”).

You can even integrate the AKA Mobile Directory with your Facebook account, so you can update your status through your mobile phone, as well as receive notifications when other users “watch” you, or when someone messages you via “Yell” or “Tell”.

Sending messages through AKA’s web service is free, while sending them out as an SMS messages consumes AKA Credits, which may either be earned or bought.   Standard text messaging rates apply (using the SMS service).

A shot of me sending out a greeting to one of my friends using AKA Mobile Directorys SMS messaging service.
A shot of me sending out a greeting to one of my friends using AKA Mobile Directory's SMS messaging service. Navigating the website is fairly easy, with everything you need to the left side.

Again, AKA is in beta right now, so go right ahead and try it out, and throw your two cents’ about the service, so the developers would know what works and what doesn’t- whether it’s just a personal preference, or a more challenging issue on usability.

I just started using it a few hours ago, and it seems to work just fine with my Facebook account, so I can now update my status from anywhere using my mobile phone.  And I’m hoping to network with other people on it as well.

Visit the AKA Mobile Directory at, and sign up for free.

Cheers, everyone.


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