Hey, You Wanna Win an iTouch?

a chance to win cool stuff with Renzie Baluyut.

Yes you can get your grubby little fingers on your very own iTouch, courtesy of our friends from the Filipino-British rock sensation Firefalldown!

You may have already heard of Firefalldown, or read a little bit about them online.  So why not get to know Firefalldown some more?  Head on over to the band’s official website, and while you’re there, you can…

…listen to Firefalldown’s songs, “Commissioned”, “Eternally” and “Mr. Rockstar”, and rock out to all three songs, since they have lyrics for your sing-along pleasure, and Firefalldown is awesome like that.

…check out pics of the band, and even download some cool Firefalldown wallpaper for your desktop.

…watch yourself some Firefalldown music videos, grab some widgets for your blog, or connect with Firefalldown on Facebook, Bebo, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, etc.

…sign up for the band’s mailing list, and be the first to get in on the latest from Firefalldown.

…ah yes- join the Firefalldown promo and snag for yourself an iTouch AND an autographed CD of Firefalldown’s album, “Commissioned”.

Joining the Firefalldown Promo Is Real Easy!

Join now, and win yourself one of these!
Join now, tell all your friends about it, and win yourself one of these!

Firefalldown encourages their listeners to make a difference by living out their God-given dreams.  You too can inspire others by sharing your thoughts by creating a blog entry about the band’s music, how it connects with your life, and how you have been inspired!

1.  Write, in your blogs or social-network-site, about how Firefalldown’s music connects with your life and insert pictures that best encapsulates the experience;

2.  Link the word “firefalldown promo” to the URL (www.firefalldown.com) in your blog.

3.  Send the link to your blog at

The dudes will post the bi-weekly finalist, and choose the best blog entry after three months.

Lucky winner gets a free iTouch and a signed CD from the band.  Join now, tell your friends about it, and keep visiting the Firefalldown official website, at http://www.firefalldown.com for more information and updates.

Firefalldown Album “Commisioned” out now! Download in Itunes or Amazon!


Here’s what I took away from rocking out to Firefalldown’s jams:  know what your passions are.  Your passion is what drives you, what makes you excel, what makes you achieve more than you can ever imagine. 

Shirley and Me, February 2009, Los Angeles.
Shirley and Me, February 2009, Los Angeles.

My Words of Inspiration: Know What Your Passion Is.


In many cases, our passion does not match what we do in daily life.  Ever feel like you’re stuck in a job, dragging yourself to work every single day?  If you do, maybe you’ve lost your passion for your line of work.  Ever feel like you’re in a relationship, but wish you were with someone else?  Maybe you need to find ways to keep the fires burning, or maybe you might even need to just get away. 

Passion, for me, is everything.  If you’re passionate about work, a relationship, or something else you do, then that is all that matters.  Not money, not fame, not even the achievements that it will all eventually bring.  Your passion brings you happiness, a sense of fulfillment, as well as contentment.  And so yes, if you really think about it, that’s pretty much everything you’ll ever need.

What is my passion?  This new chapter of my life.  I love writing.  I love being able to travel.  Family.  The company of good friends.  Living independently.  The promise of a new day.  The occasional cat.  Yes, it’s all good.

What’s your passion?

Cheers, everyone!


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