Renzie Ten Years From Now

a snapshot of a vision inside the head of Renzie Baluyut.

We’ve all been asked, “so how do you see yourself <insert arbitrary number here> years from now?”

One thing I’ve realized is that this seemingly innocent, yet over-asked question, actually gives you a chance to evaluate your Grand Strategy over your life.  And by “Grand Strategy”, I mean a visualization of exactly what you want to achieve within the next- in this case, ten years.

“I want to be rich.”  “I want to be famous.”  “I want to live happy.”  These would be some of the more typical answers to the aforementioned question.  Nothing wrong with wanting to be rich, or famous, or happy, or thinner, or successful, really.  But you have to paint a clearer picture:

How rich is rich?  Do you want your own G5 jet shuttling you back and forth European cities?  A Bentley for each day of the week?  Similarly, how famous is famous?  Having a million followers on Twitter?  Five thousand friends on Facebook?

The point of filling in all these details, is to put together a realistically attainable (yet challenging) scenario of your future self.  If you were an Isaac Mendez- you’d paint this picture out in a mutant power-induced instant.  This is your destiny, one that you will have to carve out for yourself.

On this one particular beautiful spring morning, I decided to answer that over-asked question and fill in the details of my own vision of the future.  Allow me to acknowledge my vision of a typical day in the life of Renzie ten years from now.

Ten years from now will be 2019.

I see in my mind a beautiful 2-storey house that might be in a residential area in Glendale or Long Beach.  The kids are just about heading off to school with lunches I packed them earlier that day.  My wife’s getting ready for work too.  As she drives off for the day, I head on to the adjoining home office to get things done.

Yep, I have a home-based office, from which I run a network of small business ventures, just after breakfast.

  • I have a couple of property management companies- one to oversee the day-to-day operations of a number of apartments along the West Coast, and another buying, selling and renting out real estate in various parts of the Philippines.
  • A travel and tours company is just about getting a final count on a number of parties heading out to Blizzcon 2019 at the Anaheim Convention Center.  Tour teams to Disney Resort and Knotts Berry Farm have been prepped and good to go, according to this morning’s report.
  • A shipment of anime DVDs, dolls, action figures and other collectibles from Japan will be arriving tomorrow, according to my geek-friendly coffee shop based in Pasadena.  I’ll be dropping by later that afternoon to check out the inventories.

After poring through the rest of the sales figures and reports, signing checks and managing the other online accounts, I head off to town to get even more stuff done.

By 10:30 AM, I’m at the gym, working on tone and cardio for the most part.  I meet up with a client for late lunch, then stop by the coffee shop in Pasadena.  It shares floor space with a hobbies and collectibles shop, and has a nice little niche market of gamers and geeks, both casual and hardcore.

I get a call at 3PM from my wife- reminding me to pick the kids up from school, and to swing by PetSmart for some cat food and litter.  I round up the kids from school and take them out for some ice cream, right before heading off to the store to grab the supplies.

Instead of cooking dinner that night, the kids wanted some pasta and pizza, so we drive on over to a nearby restaraurant and order some carry-out.  My lovely wife is already home, spending some much-needed play time with the cats.

Over dinner, we all talk about school and the latest Twilight movie, which the kids want to see on Friday afternoon, as we would all be out camping over the weekend.  Gotta check on all our gear tomorrow to see what else we might be needing before heading out for the outdoors shop in the afternoon.

As Mom helps out with the kids’ homework, I check my email: approving the copy for a bunch of sales materials for a client due for printing the next day, online brochures for new apartments in Metro Manila, friends confirming game night two weekends from now, a business partner’s itinerary as she flies in from the Philippines next month, and a marketing proposal from a nearby computer shop.  I sync my handheld with my PC, and power down for the evening.

The kids are allowed an hour to play with their XBox 19.  Wife and I retreat to the den and squeeze in an hour of online gaming.  We then get the kids ready for bed and tuck them in.  We get ready for bed as well; she watches her reality shows recorded on DVR while I read a couple of chapters from the latest Robert Greene book.  After making sure the alarms are set right, we both catch some much-needed shuteye to take on a brand new day come morning.

That’s going to be me ten years from now.  A daydream on a blog post perhaps, but also a roadmap.  In my next post, let’s break it all down together, and join me pick on my own brains.

But for now, ask yourself this same question:  How do you see yourself ten years from now?

And this time, really paint yourself a detailed mental picture.

Cheers, everyone!


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