And Now For Something Completely Different…

A quick update from Renzie Baluyut.

I realize I have neglected my blogging duties as of late.  So much has happened in my recent life, and I’m happy to share these most recent developments with you all.

1. Quite possibly the most obvious change is my move to Los Angeles from Manila.  It’s still a work in progress, and while the United States is in a fairly extended state of recession right now, the truth is, I feel that there are still more opportunities for me here than if I take my chances in Manila.

2.  Cristina, my long-term girlfriend of almost 8 years, has also moved to California.  Yes, part of the plan is settling down, and the sooner we get gainful employment, the sooner we can talk about starting a new chapter in our lives.

3.  I’ve been taking more time to check out more of the local sights and attractions.  Los Angeles for me is a brand new city to explore, so I’m checking out all kinds of restaurants, museums, parks and other places of interest.

4.  Also been learning to get around on my own; got myself a new bike for the immediate neighborhood, and I’m learning to use the buses to get some errands done or head off to Cristina’s place.

5.  The original plan was to help set up a number of businesses- a catering business for my sister, a real estate business for my mom, and a travel business for myself.

Given the current economic conditions, however, it wouild seem that we will have to push the timetable back a bit until things get better.

6.  In the meantime, it might be in my best interests to attend school once again- perhaps take a business course with emphasis on accounting and marketing.  The goal is to start building a new network, and pick up new skills for our future projects.

7.  My sister actually went back to school- this time, she’s getting into the whole culinary arts thing.  She’s currently worked out a schedule wherein she can work by day and then head off to school at night.

8.  Done a lot of online shopping, as there have been lots of great deals on all kinds of things. has been my favorite lately- so I got me a whole bunch of stuff, including a few new books on blogging and writing.

9.  After learning what I could from all those books, podcasts and feeds about blogging, I decided to give one of my sites a total revamp, which is also what I’ll be doing with this particular blog- so there’s going to be a lot of re-tagging, re-categorizing and re-optimizing going on.

10.  Lastly, I’m helping out at my mom’s office.  I get to do basic accounting duties, or computer stuff, pretty much menial chores to free up her workload some.  Gives me a something to do, and some extra cash as well.


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