Globe Pisses Me Off Once Again

Renzie rants about terrible service.

For those of you who have been following this blog regularly, you might remember a time a few months back when I had a really bad experience with Globe.  You can read that story here, just so you have an idea what I’m talking about.

To give you a quick recap: shortly after flying backfrom LA last July, I come home to an internet-less and landline-less apartment– even as I’ve been diligently paying Globe the whole time I was gone.

It took Globe at least 2 weeks to get my connections restored, and that was with lots of bitching over their customer service hotline and service centers.

No, I think switching to PLDT would be an even greater hassle (plus they have their own customer service issues as well- worse that Globe’s), and I don’t think BayanTel serves our area.  So I really have no choice but to stick to Globe’s crappy service.  Lesser of two evils, indeed.

So anyway, Globe is at it again:  since last week, I’ve had no landline nor broadband at home.  The call center running their customer service group is hardly any help- all they do is give you the usual spiels of “systems upgrading” or some other crap like that.  We’ve really heard that all before, haven’t we?  Stupid answers like that only serve to piss off paying customers like me.

At least the tech team has been mildly helpful:  they advised me that something is wrong with a cabinet in the area, but then they’re really just taking their sweet time getting my connections fixed.  And that really just pisses me off.

So here I am doing my blogging, email and Facebook from a nearby internet cafe.  Ack.

What’s wrong with these assholes at Globe?

That’s it.  I’m terminating their services as soon as I visit the service center at Greenbelt next week.

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4 thoughts on “Globe Pisses Me Off Once Again

  1. pokta tlga… ilang beses na may problem pag nag unli ako at ginamit ung ibang services ng globe. nawawala lang ung load ko. tapos may gana pa cla mag ad sa tv. mga manloloko cla.

  2. tsk tsk tsk tsk… grabe!!! same lang situation ko ngayun sa nangyari sa u! no luck on subscribing to other isp on my location… coz only globe dominates here 😦 Pero as of now papasok n ang 3 weeks wala p rin akong feedback sa mga ungas n globe shitheads n yan!!! I know n even if i shout out all the foul words that i can think of sa mga csr nila e wala rin nmn talgang mangyayari… i still have to wait kung kelan nila trip ayusin net ko… so sa ngayun Renzie…what isp are you using and is it worth the penny to switch isp? I’d appreciate a reply thanks man!!!!

    1. Brian,

      So sorry to hear about that, man. Nobody deserves to go through such crappy service.

      I flew back to Manila last June, and hooked myself up with a Smart Bro. So they have a crew come over to your house (this pad is in Pasig) to set up an antenna-like receiver (because you need line-of-sight with a transmitter or something), and so far, I haven’t had any problems with them these last couple months. For an office we set up (in Quezon City), we’re trying out Sky’s broadband service, and again, it’s alright.

      I hope this helps, man.


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