Bring Your Own Entertainment

from the Travel and Leisure notes of Renzie Baluyut.

My girlfriend, Cristina had recently left for Los Angeles to start a new chapter in her life.  She’s finally joining her mom and her sister as her immigration papers have finally pushed through, right on time for Thanksgiving.

I’m actually following her to LA next week, as I got plans to set up a couple of business ventures and explore opportunities as a new media mercenary and all-around entrepreneur.  And yes, we do have plans of settling down in the US as well.

Cristina and the Chloe
Cristina and the Chloe

Anyway, Cristina took Philippine Airlines for her flight to LA and was pretty much dissing their options for in-flight entertainment, which was something more like an In-Focus screen put up right in the center of the cabin, unlike other airlines which provide personal screens where you can access your choice of viewing, listening or gaming from your own seat.

Note to self: avoid taking Philippine Airlines.  At least until they beef up their in-flight entertainment options, and I don’t think that’s going to happen anytime soon.

Our personal choice of digital media player is Creatives Zen Vision M.  Holds 30 gigs worth of music, video and pics.  Real handy for those long trips.
Our personal choice of digital media player is Creative's Zen Vision M. Holds 30 gigs worth of music, video and pics. Real handy for those long trips.

Fortunately, she was thankful she packed her media player- a Creative Zen Vision M– which allowed her to listen to New Wave and Grey’s Anatomy music, as well as watch her shows- Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, the pilot episode of Frisky Dingo, a few episodes of Fear Itself, among others.

Which is a lesson for us all, particularly so when you’re doing quite a bit of travelling: always bring your own entertainment.  Or at least something to keep you busy on those long trips or layovers in-between flights.

Personally, when I travel, I bring…

1.  The aforementioned Creative Vision M, which is loaded with at the very least, a whole crapload of songs meticulously arranged in playlists- new wave, classic rock, coffeehouse music, soundtrack music, etc.

It also has at least a couple of movies, or a few episodes of TV shows I feel like catching up on.

My Creative Vision M also has podcasts, videos, pics and nice little clips from The Soup or Attack of the Show loaded on it.

Incidentally, I also have an iPod, which I load up with newer (circa 2008) songs.

2.  A couple of books.  I use long flights to catch up on my reading.  The last time, I packed myself Jay Conrad Levinson’s Guerilla Marketing, and my ever-trusty copy of Robert Greene’s 48 Laws of Power.  Never gets old for me.

3.  Sometimes, I bring me a couple of magazines.  For some light reading.  I have my own personal favoritesBlender, Wired, and Real Simple.  Great for catching up on what’s current without having to go online.

4.  A laptop.  A nice, lightweight, compact number like my Asus EEE PC is great for travelers.  I take it out on long layovers and just suck on the free wi-fi- like the time I had to hang out at the Taipei or Narita airport for a couple of hours.  Great for checking e-mail, blogging, or just plain surfing while you wait for your connecting flight.

5.  I’m seriously considering getting myself a Sony PSP or a Nintendo DS Lite.  I remember all the Japanese on this one particular Japan Airlines flight I took whip out some handheld gaming system as soon as the all-clear sign lit up.

6.  You know what would also be cool to have?  I’m thinking of getting me one of those nice little tablets which lets you read pdf files and e-books.  Should look into that as soon as I get to LA.

What kind of entertainment do you pack for yourself when you travel?

Cheers everyone?

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