The US Embassy Visit Checklist

from the Travel notes of Renzie Baluyut.

Alright, so you guys already know that I lost my passport, and with it my US Visa which was only issued to me December of last year.

While my current situation sucks, it’s not completely insurmountable.  In fact, as some of you might already know, I’ve managed to make myself some headway trying to get a replacement passport and visa so I could head on back to Los Angeles and get some business done.

Losing your US visa pretty much means that you apply for another one just like anybody else.  They don’t just give you a replacement visa for any reason.  And again, no guarantees.  Bottom line, you could still be denied this time even if you already had been given one.

And that’s just how it is.

Still, super troopers that we are, we just power through, and hope for the best.

I have put together a checklist of things you have to accomplish just before your appearance at the US Embassy- that same appointment where you may or may not get a US visa.  Let’s assume you are single, without children, and applying for a regular Non-Immigrant Visa.

1.  First of all, you have to get your passport in order.  That’s an entirely different post altogether.  At the very least though, it has to be valid at least six months from the date of intended departure from the United States.

2.  Make sure you’ve settled your Non-Immigrant Visa application fee.  It used to be that these fees were paid over at BPI (Bank of the Philippine Islands), but just recently, the folks at the US Embassy had decided to switch to BDO (Banco de Oro).

Here’s a complete list of BDO branches accepting the NIV application fee.  This fee, by the way, will set you back US$131.

3.  A properly filled out DS-156 Form.  Fill out the form online, and then print it out.  The printout will be three pages in length and include the two-dimensional barcode page.  Make sure that the barcode is printed clearly and completely, with no lines broken or torn.

4.  A properly filled out DS-157 Form.  This form is provided at the bank where fees are paid. Make sure that your DS-157 is machine-validated with check-rite.

5.  You will also be needing (1) 2×2” standard, full-frontal face position color photo against a white background taken within the last six (6) months, to be glued to the application form where specified.

6.  If you’ve lost your passport and visa, just like me, you also have to send a copy of the police report or affidavit of loss with the your full name and date of birth to the Embassy’s Fraud Prevention Unit. They can be sent to any of the following:

  • Fax number: (02) 301-2005
  • E-mail:
  • Postal Address: Fraud Prevention Unit, American Embassy Manila, Roxas Boulevard, Ermita, Manila 1001

Once you do this, the visa will be cancelled.  If for some strange reason, you still find your visa anyway, do not use it.  Again, there is NO AUTOMATIC REPLACEMENT of lost visas.

7.  You can then go ahead and schedule yourself for an appointment at the US Embassy.  We’ll talk more about this later on another post.

    For any information you might need on acquiring a US visa, you would do well to check out the official website of the US Embassy in Manila, right here.

    Cheers, everyone.

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