Renzie Loses His Passport.

this month with Renzie Baluyut.

I know, right?

It’s the reason for my irritation, frustration and depression these past several weeks.  And a matter that had my attention all this time.

It wasn’t just the passport that I lost.  Add to that just about all my IDs, quite a chunk of cash (in dollars and pesos), and most importantly- my US Visa.  It’s a 10-year multiple entry US Visa, so please feel free to gasp again before reading on.

Steempy, you eediot!
Steempy, you eediot!

At this point, you’re probably saying/thinking, “Stimpy, you eediot!  How could you lose your passport?!” Believe me, I haven’t heard enough of that one.  Probably one of the reasons why I haven’t been so forthcoming about losing my passport + visa is that it’s all such a bad trip– I feel like kicking my own ass for my own negligence (I have only myself to blame), it’s a monkey-wrench thrown into my well-laid plans, and a huge blow to my overall morale- all in one.

In fact, I’ve gone through the whole Kübler-Ross 5 Stages of Grief:

  • Denial/Isolation“No, I can’t be lost. It just HAS to be here somewhere…”
  • Anger“Goddamit! Now WTF am I supposed to do now?!”
  • Bargaining“I don’t mind losing the cash and the ID’s.  Just have to find the damned passport + visa…”
  • Depression: *sob sob sob*
  • and finally, Acceptance“Well, it’s really lost.  Deal with it, ass.”

No point berating myself any longer than I already have.  It’s a major setback, yes, but not completely insurmountable.

So with that, I’ve actually made some headway getting it back.  See, once you lose your passport and US Visa, and assuming you’ve exhausted all efforts to recover it, consider it gone and move on.

Getting the Philippine passport is easy enough.  It’s getting another US Visa that’s going to be a challenge.  The guys at the US embassy won’t give you another 10-year multiple JUST BECAUSE you lost your passport.  Just like everybody else, you gotta apply for another one all over again.  And, yeah, no guarantees.

For the next several days, I’ll be sharing my misadventures on getting my passport and US Visa back from nothing.  Needless to say, there’d be tips on how you can prevent this disaster from ever happening to you.

Watch out on my upcoming posts on:

  • Getting a new set of IDs in the Philippines.
  • Getting a new passport all on your own.
  • Getting a US Visa all on your own, and finally,
  • Getting a Canadian and UK Visa.

That’s it for now, boys and girls.  Check you all out later.

Cheers, everyone!


3 thoughts on “Renzie Loses His Passport.

  1. your situation sucks….but hen again, you’ll get the new philippine passport with the micro chip. good luck with your US visa. as for the UK visa, it’s so much easier than getting the US visa.

  2. hello christine. yes, it does suck, thanks for pointing that out 😀

    crap like this happens every now and then to test our resolve, you know?

    thanks for stopping by!


  3. so wahat happen? how did get your new paspoert? there is such thing a 1 day pasport application? help me please.. how long is the easiest to get a replace ment paspoert?

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