Renzie’s Media Habits

I recently had a discussion with a friend of mine about my everyday media habits.  I suppose it was partially to help her out with work, but it did make me think of exactly how I got my information, my entertainment, and what makes me decide to buy stuff.

So I decided to write up those media habits here.  Just to see how I’m faring compared to other denizens of the blogosphere.

Renzie’s Typical Day

These days, I’d usually be up at 5 or 6 in the morning.  The first thing I do before anything else is fire up my browser- and it’s set to go into Pageflakes (which has summaries and updates of all the RSS feeds I’ve subscribed to), Gmail (my default mail service), and Facebook (for social networking).

After a quick breakfast, I start up my media players.  My Creative MediaSource or iTunes would have all kinds of playlists cued up– so all I have to do is choose which one I feel listening to while getting down to business.  I then do my research for the day- read up on some blogs, bookmark those I find interesting, and write me up an entry or two.

By around 10am I’d head on out to the gym.  As I get ready, I either get my photos uploaded to Shutterfly, Photobucket or Facebook, or download my shows on uTorrents.  My PC is usually left on the entire time I’m out.  So I move out and hail a cab headed for Makati, which is just 10-15 minutes away.  If the cab has a radio on, it’s typically switched on to some mass-market FM station, or some news-oriented AM station.

I got me a small iPod to provide me with some tunes at the gym as I hit the bikes.  After my business is done at the gym, I move on to whatever else needs attending to.  I usually schedule my meetings in Makati on weekday afternoons.  Otherwise, I just do my errands at the mall- pay bills, get some supplies, etc- then head on back home.

I’d usually be home by 3 or 4pm.  Just as I wake up- I check my Gmail, check my Facebook and check my downloads.  I then get back to my writing and blogging.  Or on particularly light days, I either catch up on my reading, or play me a few games.  Or on really slow days, I go ahead and take a nap.

Then usually by 7pm, my girlfriend and I meet up.  We can decide to go have dinner outside, maybe catch a movie, or just stay in.  If we decide to head on out- we’d usually go a nearby mall- which would either be Shangri-la, Rockwell Powerplant or one of the Greenbelts in Makati.  If we choose to stay in, we’d watch our shows together.  Might be some local news on cable, some DVDs, or some particularly compelling show on National Geographic or Discovery.  Unless The Soup is on, then yeah, we’ll watch that first.

There would be nights when she’d so some gaming herself- which would usually be a couple hours of World of Warcraft.  I’d get back to my reading, or do some more writing on my laptop.  Then it’s lights out for me by 9 or 10pm.

Renzie on Specific Forms of Media

Just about the only form of media relevant to me these days is the internet.  Partially it’s because of work, and partially it’s a lifestyle choice.

Local TV hardly has anything to offer me.  And then even cable TV doesn’t have much either, except on a few occasions.  I’d probably catch me some news, or something interesting on Discovery, National Geographic or whatever else catches my fancy.  As for shows, well, I get sent DVDs of whatever programs I need anyway.  So we watch those.  Whatever else I want, I just look for online.

Even local radio has lost its appeal for me. To think I’ve listened to lots of radio when I was much younger, and I’ve worked in radio for quite a while.  I still get my current songs off of iTunes or isoHunt.  Or catch me some videos on YouTube, Google Videos, AoL Music or Truveo.  But mostly it’s the stuff I already have on my PC or any of my 2 personal mp3 players.  It’s just a matter of calling up a classic rock playlist one day, or pop and r&b on another.

No, I don’t buy magazines anymore, nor do I purchase newspapers.  I’ll probably read them when they’re there in front of me, like while I’m waiting for my drink at a coffee shop, but otherwise I wouldn’t give them a second thought.  Everything I need- news, features, research- is all available online, and costs virtually nothing.

Which brings us to the topic of the internet:  I’m probably online the whole day on most days, or at least 8-12 hours if the PC has to take a break on some days.  Out of that time, I’d only be actively online 4 to 6 hours.  Usually I’d be blogging, doing my research, attending to my social networking, instant messaging, uploading pics, reading up on some news, or downloading podcasts, videos and music.

We’d still rather watch movies on the big screen.  But I hate it when local distributors choose to screen them much much later than their US release dates.  The DVD player is usually for classic movies, or stuff we don’t normally have showing on local theaters.

As for the billboards and all the other outdoor media I’ve seen outside?  I can’t remember anything specific.  I suppose if the products, services or events aren’t the least bit relevant, then I really have no reason to pay attention, do I?

Renzie in Los Angeles

The same pretty much holds true, except that I do have some magazine subscriptions going on in Los Angeles, and that I listen to more radio, particularly when we’re on the road or when I’m just at home.  TV actually has more commercials and infomercials, and while entertaining at first, I’d really rather do something else.

Have you thought about your media habits lately?

Cheers, everyone!

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