YESPayments: For The Filipino Internet Entrepreneur

There are all kinds of internet entrepreneurs these days, particularly more so in the Philippines, where an increasing number of small business owners have been turning to the internet to reach new markets.

The more serious internet entrepreneurs must consider the next step: getting into e-commerce.  Sure, you can easily make a cost-effective website using open-source solutions.  Getting a payment gateway to handle credit cards on your site might be a but more challenging.

After all, you’d probably want a payment gateway that’s not only easy to deal with, but also has a proven track record of security and reliability.

You might want to check these guys out: YESPayments- The Payment Processing Professionals.

They’re an Internet credit card payment gateway, which means they accept credit card transactions from sponsored merchants over the Internet, and process these transactions through partner banks in Hong Kong and the Philippines.  YESPayments has an office to handle the technical interface and provide risk management information and daily reconciliation.

The company has been processing internet payments in the Philippines since 2003.  Which means this is YESPayment’s 15th year in business- a rather solid track record right there.

As far as security is concerned, YESPayments is the first Philippine Payment Gateway to pass the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) annual security Audit.  On top of that, each month, YESpayments is probed for weaknesses by an independent security company to ensure the highest protection against intrusion.

If you might need anything, they have 24/7 personal support.  They’re definitely worth checking out if your business or organization is serious doing business over the internet.  Check them out at

Cheers, everyone!


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