Strangely Addicted To Facebook Games Lately

When I first got into Facebook a year ago, I was simply amazed by its revolutionary design.  Unlike its more locally popular predecessors- Friendster, Multiply and MySpace, among others- Facebook had an amazing deal of customization available.  You can add whatever components you want onto your page, share pics, notes and all sorts of media, and put in all kinds of games and novelties.

The first games I remembered were those simple games- Vampires, Werewolves, or Hunters.  It was fairly interesting, but I’d have to say too simple for my tastes.  In fact, I hardly bother with most of the applications around on Facebook.  Some I’d just add for the heck of adding them, others I’d completely ignore despite dozens of invites from other friends.

I mostly use Facebook to maintain my networking efforts.  And to hook up with long-lost friends and classmates.  Definitely not to play games.

Besides, I got a whole bunch of games installed on my PC.  At least 6 or 7 at any given time.  Right now, I got World of Warcraft going on, Guild Wars, Jagged Alliance 2Sins of a Solar Empire, Fallout 2, Star Wars: Empire At War and Marvel SuperHeroes Ultimate Alliance.

As far as playing PC games are concerned, if you want some gaming going on, then you’d better play some real good games.

Then as some of you might remember- not so long ago, if you’ve been following this blog- I got me a case of Repetitive Strain Injury.  My right hand hurt like hell- which meant having to go with just one hand- the left one- for several days.  Sure I could use a PC, as long as I could just type things up with one hand, or use the mouse with just the left hand- quite a challenge if you’re not naturally ambidextrous.

Which brings us to our topic of this post.

I first got addicted to Dungeons & Dragons: Tiny Adventures.  Heard about it on one of G4TV’s blog posts, and decided to try it out, huge D&D geek that I was.  While it was nowhere close to an actual tabletop role-playing game (yes, with dice, rulebooks and an actual Dungeon-master), it was nevertheless entertaining.  

It occured to me that, in reality, it was really more of a marketing device for the 4th edition rules than anything else.  Still, it was simple enough for me to play, even with just my left hand, and addictive enough for me to wait out the 10 or so minutes it takes in between encounters.  That, despite all the bugs and error messages they had at the time.

Heck, I even made new friends from all over the world- fellow D&D players all- just so we could buff each other whenever we were online, and then heal each other in between quests.

Then I posited: how about the other Facebook games?  Surely they must have evolved past the early days of, say, Vampires, I thought to myself.

And so here I am, spending more time on Facebook with all these games

  • Crusades.  An excellent game that allows you to build and equip a medieval army.  Build up your territory to make more money to support your cause, complete quests for much-needed experience, then send out your army to do battle with other armies.  Go medieval on some other poor bloke’s ass!
  • The aforementioned Dungeons & Dragons: Tiny Adventures.  I’m actually on my second character now, after having retired my Dragonborn Fighter after about a week of playing.
  • Gangster Wars.  Roughly the same game mechanics as Crusades, only this time, you’re either a capo, a consigliere or a soldier in the service of The Don.  Great for anyone who’s a huge fan of The Godfather, Goodfellas or The Sopranos.
  • Might of Many.  Again, roughly the same game mechanics as The Crusades, but this time you play Orcs against Humans.  You also arm your hero with weapons and armor, do quests, and develop your lands for cash.
  • Elven Blood.  Same game mechanics almost, but this one almost has a storyline of sorts.  Your elven hero gains experience, gold and the occasional reward item performing quests, and you travel the land doing more quests, making yourself more kickass in the process.
  • Blood Lust, Skies of Blood and City of Blood.  From the same makers of Elven Blood, using pretty much the same simple game engine, only this time you’re set in: a> a sci-fi world with vampires, cyborgs and undead (Blood Lust), b> a modern-day setting chasing terrorists in Manhattan (Skies of Blood), or c> a seedy criminal underworld where you’re working your way up to the top (City of Blood).
  • Knighthood.  I like this because it seems to utilize a different set of game mechanics compared to the others.  Still trying to figure it out how to advance though.  It’s slow going without vassals or gold.

I’m trying to moderate my Facebook gaming now that I have realized I’m playing too much.  These games are getting in the way of my blogging!

So what are your favorite Facebook games?


10 thoughts on “Strangely Addicted To Facebook Games Lately

  1. Dude, try PackRat. It’s a virtual, online (duh) trading card game. It’s strange because I don’t really trade cards in real life, but this is addicting sometimes I scare myself, haha. I go to fb everyday mainly to play this…how ‘sad’ is that?!

  2. thumbs up for ‘battle stations’, which has flash re-enactments of the battles. i’ve also tried ‘king of the world’ which wasn’t to my taste due to the requirement to co-ordinate constantly with other folks – difficult when your alliance-mates can be halfway around the world.

    i played ‘knighthood’ back in february after getting over my addiction to ‘triumph’. unfortunately, the gameplay mechanics for knighthood changed drastically soon afterwards, and it become a simple matter of button-mashing rather than strategy. they’ve recently sent out another update, so it may have gotten better. triumph was my first true fb gaming experience (besides scrabulous, of course) and i was very sad to see it turn into a huge money-grab.

    crusades didn’t impress me that much – it really rewarded first mover advantage, and required adding friends just to fend off random attacks. i thought that elven blood would be the same, but have been pleasantly surprised, enough so, that i’ve been willing to invite random strangers to become friends in order to continue to play the game.

  3. Lillian: Hello there. Thanks for dropping by 🙂

    Packrat, huh? Sounds like it’s worth checking out. Trading digital cards online should be alright. Dude, I got into several collectible card games back in the 90’s, just about when I started working. Guess where a big chunk of my paychecks went from time to time? Yeah, now that’s sad right there. LOL.

    Cheers, Lillian 🙂

  4. SenatorHung: Hey man, glad you can join us.

    Lemme take note of those games- Triumph and Battle Stations, it is.

    The Facebook Games are fun right until you have to start recruiting ridiculous numbers of friends in order to unlock certain missions or upgrades. Many of the games I’ve played to this day utilize this game mechanic. I suppose the intended end-result of these developers is to make you buy more credits (using Paypal) or try some of their partners (which also usually requires an online purchase of sorts).

    Nevertheless, there are games that are pure promotional vehicles, like D&D Tiny Adventures, and I’m sure there are several others out there as well that may just be as creative. There’s definitely something out there for anybody looking for a quick gaming fix.

    Thanks for the recommendations, man.


  5. hm,i drop by reading ur article while im waiting for my stamina in blood games to be restored (and looking the easiest way to win money in CB casino). yup, they’are so addicting! and i’m agree that lots of application are improving as well as games.

    sadly,CB and SB are still in development, unlike EB.

    enjoy ur game.

  6. Hello Jere.

    Hey, thanks for stopping by. Yeah, I was looking for FAQs online just before I wrote this article too. More for Crusades, I think, when I realized my character won’t be getting anywhere much without spamming my Facebook friends with invites.


  7. I’m a huge fan of Knighthood and play everyday–it’s crazy! Stop by my wall and say hi!

    I also really like MouseHunt which is not as involved as KH, but is really fun–sometimes because it is not as involved as KH, LOL!

    I like H2Opia and, to a lesser extent, Greenies and using the apps helps with clean water and saving the rainforest–can’t go wrong there.

  8. I happen to play many at once and just begun this last week. My favorite would definetely be Mafia and one of the main reason is, quests are doable by just you and only the bosses require more members. Even so, you can still beat a boss by yourself with many med kits and some pain shots so…
    I started using facebook just to keep contact with a handful of people. Never was my intention to make hundrends of new unknown people just to play some silly game, as much addictive or awesome it may be. I play games since i was 5 in spectrum and amstrad, continued on many platforms and passed easily to table top rpgs and strategies. I got quite bored the last couple of years (i’m 31 now) with almost everything and thought i may never get excited with a game again. And now, i wouldn’t call me excited ok, but i feel quite addicted and for me that can be pretty exciting in its own right 🙂
    If any of you try mafia and become interested in it or have any similar game to propose, come by my page and leave me a message. I won’t promise i would become your friend but it would definetely help to leave me a message and keep in touch now and again. 🙂

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