Renzie Goes To Kawayan Cove

I just came from this most awesome place in Nasugbu, a coastal municipality in Batangas, about 2 hours south of Metro Manila.  Nasugbu is known for its white-sand beach resorts and tropical forests, which therefore makes it a fairly popular summer destination.

Kawayan Cove is an exclusive residential seaside community which covering about 68 hectares worth of prime beach-front real estate.  You have to give credit to the developers for easing in the village among the groves of trees and bamboo, making it as close to the nature as possible by working with the natural contours and landscape.

The result was simply spectacular.  You have family-friendly amenities and wide-open spaces inobtrusively tucked into lush the Batangas forest, with minimal disturbance or alteration to the topography, and a population density well lower than the typical high-end developments in the general area.

A view of Kawayan Cove from the proposed
A view of Kawayan Cove from the road leading down to Bamboo Beach. Beautiful, ainnit?

Anyway, I realize I have a lot to write about this particular visit, so I hope to churn out all my posts over the weekend.  You’ll definitely be reading more from me about my visit to Kawayan Cove.  Highlights of my Kawayan Cove adventure:

  • I was so inspired by the place, I made a videoblog while lounging around by the beach.
  • Kawayan Cove is definitely a place worth investing in.  If you’re checking out beachfront properties in the Nasugbu, Batangas area, this place is without a doubt, something you just have to see for yourself.
  • Food and Travel Blogger Anton Diaz, the dude behind Our Awesome Planet, sat us all down to give us some useful digital photography tips and pointers- particularly handy for those who blog about food and travel (like me, man!).
  • I gotta mention this: the nice little parting gift the Puyats sent us home with?  Those buttercakes that came in a special wicker packaging and a nice note?  They were awesome!  Read more about it here on my food blog, Renzie on Food!
  • I’ve been to a number of special events for bloggers in the past, and by far,  I have got to say that this is probably the best in terms of preparation and organization.  Of course, hanging out on a white-sand beach with all that great food helps!
  • You got these cute little stone markers along the way to point you in the right direction.  Thats Bamboo Beach in the background, where we all lounged around for lunch.
    You got these cute little stone markers along the way to point you in the right direction. That's Bamboo Beach in the background, where we all lounged around for lunch.

    So far, I’ve downloaded my pics from my camera onto my PC, slapped on tags and already uploaded some onto my Shutterfly account.  The pics you see on this particular post are from Anton’s blog, btw.  There’s definitely a world of difference in the way he takes his shots (they’re just so much better!), and a newbie digital photographer like me can stand to learn much from this guy.  Thanks for the tips, Anton!.  Check out the rest of Anton Diaz’s shots of Kawayan Cove here.

    Special thanks to the Puyat family who were such gracious hosts, and were all there to welcome us, show us around Kawayan Cove, and pretty much made us feel right at home.  I particularly have to mention what excellent service we got from the Kawayan Cove staff- everyone who was there was well-looked after.

    Also, thanks and shout-out to fellow blogger Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet– for giving us some tips on how to be better photo-bloggers. Last but not least, thanks to our friends from Geiser-Maclang for making it all happen.

    Cheers, everyone!


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