Living Solo: What To Do With All Those Plastic Cutlery

You must have noticed by now that when you’re living solo, you end up ordering out a lot and dining in, and taking lots of food home.  Give yourself a few months of doing just that, and you’ll find yourself soon enough with a whole lot of plastic forks, knives and spoons.

Uncle Johns Plastic Forks and Knives!
Uncle John's Plastic Forks and Knives!

I’ve noticed I’ve been amassing quite a stockpile of plastic cutlery in my apartment.  Sure, you could throw them away, or do the more socially responsible thing by requesting restaurants to NOT include plastic sporks in your take-out, but it seems that you actually end up getting lots of them anyway.

So here’s what you do:

Set aside a clean little bin and dump all your unused plastic spoons, forks, knives and sporks in there- the ones that usually come with your take-out or home delivery food, right?  That way, you can break them out whenever you host a party at home, have a picnic, or even just bring all those to the office where you might need a fork to dig into somebody’s birthday cake.

Really handy when you have loads of guests dropping by- say when you have an instant family reunion happening at your place, or when there’s a sleepover or DVD marathon and you’d rather spend more time with your guests rather than wash a whole ton of dishes after every meal or snack.

Also, you might have the occasional problem of having no water- so having a stash of plastic cutlery might actually be more useful than you think, so you can just toss away those disposable sporks in the trash as soon as you’re done, instead of having a bunch of unwashed dishes pile up in the sink overnight (or for days!), attracting roaches, rats and all kinds of pests- you definitely don’t want that happening in your pad.

Cheers, everyone!


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