Reconnecting With Family

Donna, Mary-Rose, Johanna, Lourdes and Denille with Lolo, taken in August of 2008
Donna, Mary Rose, Johanna, Denille and Lourdes with Lolo Fidel Viloria, taken just before Lolo's 84th birthday, during their visit to the Philippines in July/August 2008.

It has been a very hectic two weeks for me.  I had a whole bunch of cousins, aunts and uncles fly in from Los Angeles, Vancouver, Boston, UK, Scarborough, and Toronto, mainly for my brother’s long-awaited wedding, but also to join us see Dad off to his final resting place, join up with our Grandfather for his 84th birthday, and generally have a great time here in the Philippines.

Most of them have already gone back home (because of work!), and even as I write this blog entry, I can’t help but wish that we could’ve spent more time together goofing around and doing all sorts of cool stuff.

Here I am sorting out all these great pictures I took- grouping them in folders, renaming them, uploading them on Facebook, Photobucket and Shutterfly, and burning DVDs of em- and it feels warm and fuzzy inside knowing we’ve made some very meaningful connections, even if they’ve only been here for a few days.

Aunt Gilda and Cousin Paul, shortly after Pauls arrival, July 2008
Aunt Gilda and Cousin Paul, shortly after Paul's arrival, July 2008

The truth is, I’ve only been interacting with most of them through Facebook and phonecalls- some of them I’ve actually only met for the very first time- like Johanna and Theresa, for example.  The others, well, I could only barely remember from years ago.  I last saw Lourdes when she was 4 years old, and her sister Denille was just a little baby when they left in 1991.  I also last saw Paul in 1991- he was around 11 back then- but now he’s all full-grown and married and totally different from how I remembered him from way back.  I also remember playing with Troy when we were both little kids (I think I was 3 when they left for Canada)- now he’s got a family of his own- with Adriana and little Terence.

So you could just imagine there was a lot of catching up going on, in between stories and jokes and lots of pictures and food and all that.  Not quite enough though- after all, you could only do so much interacting in a few days’ time.  Still, it was a springboard of sorts- we all promised to keep in touch and hang out as soon as I fly back to Los Angeles.  And yeah, you gotta thank Facebook for keeping the family fires burning.

Cheers, everyone!


2 thoughts on “Reconnecting With Family

  1. Hey cuz, nice write-up. It was great seeing you in person again after all these years and I look forward to more frequent connecting when you get back to this part of the world. In the meantime, keep up the good work!

  2. Hey Troy.

    Thanks for stopping by to check out this blog.

    Since I’m a lot more mobile these days, I’d sure love to spend more time with you guys, and get to know Terrence and Adriana some more.

    Cheers, man!

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