My Issue with Globelines Resolved

First of all, I’d like to fill you in on what has happened with my Globelines landline and internet connection.  As you all know, I’ve written up a post not too long ago on how long it took for Globe to restore my connections at home.  So here are some updates:

  • My landline and broadband internet connection had been restored seventeen (17) days after complaining.
  • Apparently some switch just outside my apartment door had been tampered with.  Can’t tell for sure if some neighbor was toying around with it, or some previous tech team from Globe left it that way.
  • My connections have been running smoothly since then.
  • Lastly, Globe had adjusted my bill for this month; they didn’t charge me for the days without internet or landline connection.

So, with all that has happened, some much-deserved thank-you’s are in order.  My gratitude to all the good folks who have helped me out with my issue with Globelines:

  • My girlfriend Cristina, who has actually made it a habit of calling up Globe from her home and office, for keeping the pressure on even as she accompanied me to the service centers, and yes, for allowing me to mooch off some internet time from her place for a couple of days.
  • Janette, who has not only provided some very useful information on consumer protection guidelines, but has also helped forward my issues to the head of customer services.
  • Another friend of mine, Zandra, who had also pulled some strings to get my complaints heard by the right people.
  • Everyone who has read my story (on this blog and on other blogs), shared their own experiences and shared it with others.

Cheers, everyone.

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One thought on “My Issue with Globelines Resolved

  1. good for you, just upgraded our globelines from plan 710 to 995 last oct 4, 2008.
    – 1st & 2nd week, connection was quite well
    – 3rd week til present, connects for 3-5 minutes then disconnects 2 mins then connect again ( on & off )
    – been regularly complaining thru 173 for the past couple of weeks and still nobody came to fix it
    – recieved globelines bill nov 8, 2008, they billed me 361.44 instead of the free one-month MSF?


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