Globe’s Internet Services Disappoint

When you’re a company that spends millions of pesos on advertising money, positioning yourself as a warm and caring internet service provider, I say you’d better have a customer service culture that’s truly reflective of what you promote, as well as a team that can back up your claims.

As a paying customer, I fork out a regular monthly amount to get a service I should be getting with no worries and no fuss.

Unfortunately, it seems that even satisfactory customer service is too much to ask for these days. So let me share to you my story on how terribly disappointed I am with Globe, and how my Globelines internet sucks right now.

My Problematic Globe Broadband Connection

Now here’s how this story goes: I fly in from Los Angeles earlier this month and come home to an internet-less apartment. As far as I’m concerned, my payments have been current, but my girlfriend- kickass that she is- had already taken the initiative of calling up Globelines- my current broadband internet service provider- to figure out what’s going down with my connection, and why I supposedly have problems with my Globelines landline and internet.

Looking back, I’ve had problems and connection issues with Globe before, and I’ll admit that Globe had been fairly reliable and prompt in dealing with my phone/internet issues.

Until now.

These past several days, it’s been a stressful cycle of getting assurances from Globe, calling up the 919.8888 customer service hotline, waiting for some miracle to happen, filing yet another complaint at the Globelines payment center, getting yet more false assurances- this crap has been going on long enough.

What do I have to show for it so far? The contact center Globe has employed to run their customer service/tech support hotline (Alorica, I believe, is one of two) have nothing to give but generic, pre-fabricated spiels- I don’t think most of these agents even get the urgency of the situation.

Even their stories don’t match: the customer service reps in the Globelines Center in Greenbelt were already beseiged by a number of irate clients hurling invectives and cursing Globe to high heavens for various reasons. This was what I observed when I came over to file yet another complaint- my third one- last 06 July 2008.

I was curious to know why there was this sudden influx of more-than-dissatisfied customers, so in between tirades, I managed to ask a Customer Service Rep why this was all happening.

There was a shortage in service personnel, was what they said. Ever since the last typhoon that hit, Globe technical and customer services had already been spread thin.

Understandable, I suppose. But I also noticed that the customer service desks also have to call their own Customer Service hotline- 919.8888- to facilitate customer concerns. They were also waiting for several minutes, and given the same song-and-dance- a service I could subject myself to from the comfort of my own home, if I wanted it.

To the CSR’s credit, they got my number and apologized (the contact center’s personnel were on lunch break), and assured me that I would be getting a call from them for an update. Which, again to their credit, I got later that afternoon. Aura of Globelines Greenbelt informed me that I was on their priority list (like it really means anything), and that some crewperson would be checking out my connections- something the call center relayed through them, no doubt.

Completely inefficient, aren’t they? So reflective of Philippine bureaucracy. And you wonder why we can’t have anything done in this country?

Once More Into The Fray

Fast forward to one week later: It’s been 12 days that I’ve gone without internet at home- 12 fracking days! Now how the frack am I supposed to get any work done?

Another call goes to the Globelines 919.8888 hotline: navigating through the irritatingly artificial voiceprompts, I finally get through to a customer service rep after 15 minutes of being on hold.

Angel was this CSR’s name. I was given the same song-and-dance on how there was “ongoing network restoration” and crap. What a spiel-monkey.

I was already pissed off by this time, and insisted on speaking with a supervisor. No, it was not OK to wait- but I really have no choice, do I? Seems like you couldn’t do anything done around here if you don’t speak to a supervisor or a manager. Useless, inutile spiel-monkeys, all of them.

I was waiting for said supervisor while blogging this very post- and the idiot Angel didn’t even put me on hold (with the cheesy repetitive crappy music), so I could hear the call center chatter from my end. The bitch totally left me hanging, didn’t she? And you can hear her fellow CSRs’ horseplay- how typical of Philippine contact centers at their lowest.

An hour goes by. Seriously, an hour. Are Globelines supervisors and managers really in the habit of making paying customers wait for an hour? I know I was relatively calm and composed- you can just imagine how many more angry customers there are out there.

Special shout-out to Globelines CSR Angel: Look, I know how underpaid and terribly ‘overworked’ you are. But if you couldn’t do your job right- i.e. putting the phone on hold properly so your managers can clean up the messes you make- then by all means resign, and let somebody else take that monthly salary of yours and put it into better use. You give Philippine customer reps a bad name.

I give the Globelines 919.8888 number another call. This time, Jeff picks up after 5 minutes of waiting. Once again, I give my obligatory subscriber information. I ask him to find out who the supervisor/manager on board is.
He comes back after a few minutes and begins to rattle off some pre-prepared spiel on how busy they all were. I cut him off to tell him that all I want, really, is the name of the supervisor-on-board.

Jeff tells me “Marami sila (There are many)”. I asked him exactly how many supervisors there really are.

Jeff reveals the staggering number: Three.

Three supervisors. So what are their names? Surely he could easily tell me three names.

Jeff then informs me that I couldn’t get the name of all 3 supervisors. And why not, I wonder? What seems to be wrong with that? Jeff adds that the supervisor will identify himself when he takes my call. You could’ve told me that in the first place, Jeff. Tsk tsk.

Fair enough. But before I chew on a supervisor’s head, I just had to ask poor hapless Jeff a few more questions.

I asked him how many agents they have on the floor right now. 40 CSRs, is what he answered. I asked another question: how busy are they all right now? Very busy, was what he answered this time (of course they were!).

While Jeff had been relatively polite and calm, I realized this conversation was going nowhere, so I asked him to patch me through to his supervisor now. Which he did.

After three minutes, someone named Lindsey Dizon identified himself as the supervisor. He was apologetic and sounded rather sincere- he went on to give me a quick review of what had been going on, based on my connection logs and incident reports. He also proceeded to tell me what steps they’d be taking with all this information, etc.

Do I really need a supervisor to get anything done around here?

With some more questioning, he told me that my case was an isolated one, meaning most other connections originating from the same Globe cabinet have reported no trouble- just mine.

He also assures me that he’d be personally updating me with what’s going on until my issues get resolved.

We’ll see about that.

It’s been Day 14 so far. The inconvenience of going to free wi-fi places and hooking up from friend’s places can be tiresome real quickly.

Curse you, Globe. You give me another reason to hate this country, and want to move to another.

The Lesser of Two Evils.

Inept as Globe customer service is, PLDT is so much worse. My girlfriend often complains of intermittent connections, and sometimes, days without any internet signals at all. On top of a customer service system that truly sucks.

So if you’re thinking of switching to PLDT, keep in mind that you might be just digging yourself out of one hellhole into another- vexingly more hellish- hole.

It’s the story of the Philippines, really. Both broadband/DSL providers- Globe and PLDT- suck. They suck, that’s the bottom line. Unfortunately for us paying consumers- all we can do is choose the one that sucks less.

Seems that once companies like Globe and PLDT have our money, and sucked us into their flawed systems, it’s all that really matters to them. Customer service? Fuck that. Technical support? Screw you. We have your money- we’ll work on your problems when we feel like it.

Exactly the kind of culture that not only makes the rich richer, but also the kind that drives this country down.

Now that’s truly, truly sad.


40 thoughts on “Globe’s Internet Services Disappoint

  1. I share the same understanding.. I was proud I had their service at first. But now, I hate them the most. Not even a pinch of kbps or Internet connection they could give me.

    I hate their call centers, technicians and idiot engineers! I experience this already for almost 1 month with no internet connection. And their globe cell site could not also give GPRS or 3G for Internet to my phone as a modem to my laptop. So not only Globelines has problem, also Globe handyphone themselves. Poor company! Terminate their license to operate!

  2. woah.. i can relate to your story.. my boyfriend used to have a broadband connection with globe but he haven’t used it even once because he cannot connect to the internet.. but still he paid about 1k/month.. and i’ve been experiencing problems with PLDT too.. sometimes, the connection just goes off.. haaaay.. Philippines!!!

  3. KC: Thanks for stopping by. Are you saying you have an active Globelines internet connection but it goes intermittent on you? Or was your connection cut for an extended period of time like mine?

  4. You’re so right. Ever since that typhoon, my net connection got worse than the provider itself. Its almost a month and nothing has changed. Same old spiels that make me want to hunt all of Globelines’ employees and kill them nastily one by one. We could see how the Philippines sets its standards. I have so many web activities that got suspended (Web Designing, etc.)and I really dont know what to do in order to have my line restored to its normal state.
    “Sa Globe, lahat posible. Abot mo ang mundo.”–Bullshit
    I’m so damn angry! (>.<)
    Thanks for your post. I’m quite relieved..

  5. Hi Renz – Your globe experience sounds like several I’ve had with SkyCable Customer Services Department…if you don’t laugh, you’d explode!

  6. “Inept as Globe customer service is, PLDT is so much worse. My girlfriend often complains of intermittent connections, and sometimes, days without any internet signals at all. On top of a customer service system that truly sucks.

    So if you’re thinking of switching to PLDT, keep in mind that you might be just digging yourself out of one hellhole into another- vexingly more hellish- hole.”

    This is so true – I had PLDT for two stressful years. Most of the time, the connection was fine but when it did go down, their CS was totally non-existent! When we moved houses, we switched to Smart Bro because it was the only available option at that time. It was fine for a year and then this July everything went kaput – 33kbps (or thereabouts) of the 384kbps that I was supposed to be getting!

    Now I am with Globe – have been with them for 2 months – and so far, nothing serious has happened. I am very much aware of the possibilities (thanks to experience and posts like yours) and am crossing my fingers…Good luck to you, too!

  7. Hello Noemi.

    I completely agree with you. My girlfriend has the same problem with PLDT in Las Pinas. In fact, sometimes I feel like one of the main reasons she comes over is for my broadband so she can play her World of Warcraft! LOL

    Globe is totally fine- as long as they don’t have any connectivity issues. Aside from this particular rant, I’ve really had no problems with them for the past few years.

    Lesser of two evils indeed.

    Thanks for dropping by!

  8. Hello Sasa.

    On the plus side, I’m disconnecting my Sky this week. I’ve heard that they’re actually peddling this new cable/video-box and ramming it down subscribers’ throats.

    I don’t want to have to deal with that, no thanks.

  9. I too am an unlucky subscriber of Globe broadband. The first month of their service went very smooth and almost no downtime. It was like a broadband unlimited fantasy honeymoon! Then the 2nd month came and I started encountering frequent no internet connection and a few no dial tones. The longest interruption for me so far is around 8-9 hours straight of no internet connection and more than 24 hours of no dial-tone. Everytime we turn on our computer, we thank the gods for miraculously giving us internet connection.
    Very unreliable.
    If you’re running an internet cafe, don’t trust Globeliness to provide for your broadband connection or you’ll risk loosing your customers.

  10. Hello Von.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences. I sure hope you’re not running an internet cafe.

    I just think it’s sad that this is all what we have to put up with as consumers. I have friends who have even more horrendous experiences with PLDT broadband and SmartBro. In fact, this one friend of mine says it’s almost like clockwork: she gets a real bad connection every 12nn and 10pm with her PLDT broadband. Oh well, at least it’s predictable.

    Globe is still the more reliable choice, so long as no major problems come up. I’ve had no problems so far, since I last griped about it online. I hope you’re not having connectivity issues right now.

    Cheers, man.

  11. Well, Renzie, since October 3 and only today I got my internet connection back. Thanks (or no thanks!) Globelines! Wow! For almost 7 straight days, I am at the mercy of their customer and technical support rep asking, demanding, requesting, pleading for them to restore my internet connection. I even came to the point of threatening them that I will go to their business center and file a formal complaint and also possibly request for disconnection. I may have even caused a commotion there by announcing to all the would-be subscribers of Globe Brokeband to turn away and look at PLDT or Bayantel or else feel the wrath of their crappy services.
    I was also about to draft a formal complaint addressed to the commissioner of NTC regarding Globelines’ unlimited internet (dis)connection. I was just about to jot them down on memo.
    Today, I got a call from home and I was informed by my dad that the tech crew came and fixed my connection. Only this time, they provided a different static IP address.
    So I called again their CSR and demanded that they retain my previous static ip (the one I’ve been using for months now and was registered to various websites that I joined to). As usual, they replied to me that they will ‘try’ to resolve my issue in 3-5 days. (WTF?!?!).
    Great! >_<
    I’ll demand a rebate and medical compensation because of high blood pressure.

  12. LOL “… digging yourself out of one hellhole
    into another”. I just came from SmartBroken
    [been an avid subscriber since Oct. 2006.
    in that long period of time, nagt-t’yagasa
    intermitent connections (Lots of R.T.Os) and
    even days without connection (Network
    unreachable) asside from the low bandwidth
    I got (far below than 300 kbps – cant even
    play smoothly a 24kpbs shoutcast radio). Until
    Globelines Broadband came to our area thus, i
    formally filed a voluntary disconnection 1st wk
    of october this year. On the same day, I filed
    an application for Globelines Bro***band]
    At first 3 days it was really sweet – watched
    Youtube without stopping to buffer (a thing
    I’ve been deprived from my previous one).
    Unfortunately, October 10 about 12 midnight,
    whoa!!! modem cant connect and definitely no
    internet: then back to the basic again – call
    CSR, guided by CS reps for troubleshooting and to
    my surprise, they got the lousiest
    troubleshooting I’ve ever heard >> Delete browser
    cookies & clear history files (far worse than
    right click Network icon @ system tray & click
    repair and/or disable then enable again of SMRT
    Broken). After CSR said they will do something
    and do email report to their technical group,
    so we ended our conversation. The following
    morning, October 11 – connection restored but
    to my disappointment I noticed a drastic drop
    of bandwidth (from 400+ – 900+kbps down to 50+
    kbps – utmost 300 kbps) and since then, di pa
    na correct.

  13. From Canada.
    Hello everyone.
    Guess these problems that you alll are having has got the attention of Canada. I live in Canada and I truly sympathize with you. I am helping a very good friend of mine who lives in Quezon city area. I met him when I visited your beautiful country in September. He guided me around your country, and as we became very good friends I offered compensation to him by paying for his internet connection, as he is poor and couldnt afford it. He is also with Globe and he lost connection Dec 12, and has been calling them every day. He gets the same spiel, they are upgrading. Over the period of 18 days including today (Dec 30) 4 technicians came to look. 3 of them couldn’t figure out how to fix the problem. The last technician (that was 4 days ago) said the SIM is for 2nd generation and it should be 3G (I have no idea what they are talking about) and they will monitor it. Tell me something, if you know the problem, why not fix it, right. He keeps calling and they use the same excuse that they are monitoring.
    I cannot believe that a company could have such lousy customer service. In Canada they would be in trouble with our Government. This is a breach of contract, which here they can be sued. We also have a consumer advocate which would force companyies here in Canada to provide excellent customer service.
    So, please can anybody help, as I live here in Canada, nothing I can really do here. My friend is at his wits end, suffers migraine headaches over this. He worries I will not pay anymore, as there is no service.
    I thank you for reading my story

  14. I forgot to say from my last comment that I wish all you wonderful nice people in the Philippines a Happy New Year from Canada, and may the New Year bring you happiness and good fortune.

  15. It’s true that is a one big son of a bitch company that collects money from their comsumer while giving their service that is unsatisfying. Not only with their internet services but also in their simple service of auto load. Imagine, they offer so much promos for the comsumers make “TIPID”, but instead of earning, their promos eat the loads from the registration to the promos and the service not rendered, it is the unlitxt service that I am refering to.

  16. Same here bob…I sympathize with your friend.

    its april 2009. I barely had a month of the service. The first two weeks.. no problem at all. Then comes the worse part( I say expecting more horrifying things to happen)…I cant even download a straight 6.5mb file. What a bunch of crap. I called the tech support. And with all of their bullcrap..”ongoing restoration, rest assured that…” all the crappy things I have heard. The rep even told me, is the modem turned on and ‘umiilaw po ba ‘yong lights?! What the hell…I may be dumb sometimes but Im not stupid.

    as of now, Im getting this lame connection. So help me God….

  17. ang panget tlga ng globe internet..habang pa tagal pag-gamit nmn nawa2la yung connection good payer nmn kami. d magnda ang service nila…akala q ba using globe internet we could hav easy connection,,lang kwenta naiinterrupt pag-sesearch q kakainis…

  18. isa ako sa mga sumasang ayon sa mgab kumentong aking nabasa.
    Isa rin ako sa nabrainwash ng kanilang mga halagang P1,295 ( 1Mbps internet + land line) ay magkakaroon ka ng mabilis na connection at may telepono pa..

    Ngunit sa kasamaang palad, hindi nagkaroon ng isang araw na hindi ako tumawag sa 919.8888 para i connect ako sa internet..
    At yung landline pang globe lang..di makatawag sa ibang linya…

    Bukas pormal akong mag pa filke ng termination para habang 1 week pa lang matigil na itong paghihirap na ito..

    Smartbro user ako for 1 year & a far di pa ako tumawag sa smart kahit isang beses…

  19. Good thing that I read your blog man. I was a subscriber of PLDT and its already been 1 and a half months since I had no connection. Kulang na lang swelduhan na rin ako ng pldt kasi almost everyday nandun ako sa business center nila just to follow-up my problem nakilala n nila ako dun and its not funny anymore. Think of the time I am wasting to them. I was thinking of switching to globe. Now that you mention it, I am now looking for other options. The hell with both PLDT and GLOBE they were both full of crap!

    Mawalan na ko ng tubig, ok lang. mawalan nako ng girlfriend, ok lang. mawalan nako ng pera ok lang, pero mawalan ng internet… ibang usapan na yan! my life is like a living hell right now sana sumali na lang ako sa survivor baka malibang pako kahit alang internet dun! LOL!

  20. I’ve been looking around for alternatives to our PLDT Business DSL (2004, Small Biz Lite) in the Las Pinas area. After seeing this blog and others who voted PLDT as the lesser of two evils, I find that I’m really stuck with PLDT. PLDT was ok, but has a really nasty habit of changing their configurations and plans (ex. PPPoE to DHCP / legacy to IP and coupled with speed downgrade (1/3mbit down to 128/256kbit!?!?), DNS servers, static IP to dynamic IP) without warning, and without anyone admitting that they have made any changes to their system, leaving us in the dark. Yeah, I’ve got the “delete cookies” spiel too. There was no notice, no real attempt to resolve issues after 5 sessions with CSRs (except the 4th one (who kindly gave some info of our account records, and even entertained our reports about our two other lines). Still waiting for a technician, one who does have access to our account and can restore the decent configs and service we’ve had last year. Our residential DSL (2001, myDSL) was still the best, until 8 years later. (maybe modem’s finally dying *grin* or they shipped us to their new system under the P1995 plan). I can’t see how Globe and PLDT can advertise while their customers bear with their tech support. Perhaps their budget for advertising should first go to the tech guys and give them an incentive to maintain decent service and give us little reason to pester them. Spend more on a few techs than farm the job out to legions of CSRs, update their website such that it reflects details and technicalia, put up some automated database and query system, etc. Sorry for this turning into a PLDT rant, but the thing is, all ISPs here seem to be the same banana overall. I can’t help but snicker everytime I see broadband ads on TV. Good service advertises itself!

  21. Hello gud day, I’m disapointed to hear that many people have the same problem with internet, same hir, and i think all of us share the same budluck with this big time company.suggestion ” we can stand together and file a complain to NTC about this evil two big time company, i’m using smartbro same as hell, advertising fast internet in the Philippines no WAY? all LIE…. i hate smartbro for not giving action on this matter, i pay 1k for speed that never been given to me.. they say 1MBPS but check the speed it’s only 100kpbs talo pa siya ng ISPCARD badtrip…I hope someone on the senate can do some action with this, but the problem is” this two big company can buy all of them even the president this UNfair to us all consumer.. BAD POLITICS…HAYYYY BUHAYYYYYYY

  22. I tried Smart, Globe and PLDT and honestly, PLDT is the best out there. Definitely opposite your girlfriend’s experience.

    Worst is SMART, second is GLOBE.

  23. Try Wi-Tribe 4G Wi-Max broadband internet. We offer 998.00 for PLAN up tp 1Mbps and 1998.00 for PLAN 2Mbps. Wi-Tribe is owned by San Migule Corp. in partnership with Qatar Telco. For free DEMO to your place of choice feel free to contact ED @ 09229436450..

  24. One signature that you can expect from Globe when installed for the first time is that you will always be given the best connection out there on the first month… sort of like pampagana… then they stab you in the back on the second month when you are not looking.

    I even had bad experiences with their technicians coming to my home and telling me they cant do anything with my intermittent ping results (900ms with timeout) when im paying for 2mbps speed with landline geez. and they want me to close the job order so they can go home ! they want me to lie to their rep who called me asking if everything is ok now. what a bunch of liars

    I also had bad experiences with their technical support representative over the phone,these guys are idiots they will just ask if your modem is working properly then they send the best idiot techs to your home.

  25. Update ! Turns out i was right after all.. Ave ping of 450 to 800 when pinging yahoo is not normal thats why i called customer support. i had a quarrel with one of their “Feeling Technician” agent when he told me that the problem was with Yahoo and not with Globe when the result shows all in download, live streaming of videos on youtube etc. when my tech visit was scheduled yesterday they found a problem in the main facility and they had to schedule a facility repair making all davao subscribers affected of the outage. day after that my ping is back to normal…I Told that agent something was wrong and he wants me to sue yahoo hehe

  26. Another Update … it seems that when Globe is repairing the main facility , they put us in a stable gateway which is and even if our modem is rebooted we got stuck on that very good gateway … then 3pm the modem reboots, our gateway is back to dynamic, our ping is high again… my point is .. kaya nman pla nila ibalik sa dati yung service nila eh bat sirain nanaman nila peste talaga. ibalik na lng sana kami sa stable na gateway. ok na sana this morning while they were repairing now its back to the lousy connection sh!t ! I swear 5 months na lng contract ko pagkatapos ni2 I WILL NEVER GO BACK TO GLOBE EVER ! ok ba sa PLDT or cguro sa skycable or yung mga cable company na lng cguro para steady.

  27. My latest encounter getting my connection fixed. Called on tuesday morning Aug 10th 2010 reported no dsl signal, the call center employee apologized and told me their tech’s would fix the problem as soon as possible.

    Called Wed morning asked them when their tech’s were gonna start working on my connection, The call center employee said a tech would come to my house sometime today Aug 11th. Waited all day no tech showed up.
    Called the 211 tech support call center Thursday morning and told them no one came on wed, the call center employee apologized and said i would now have to wait 12 days for another on site visit.I informed the call center employee that i would cancel my account before i wait a total of 16 days for someone from globeline to start working on my connection and that’s dependent on if they even show up this time as scheduled.

    Decided to stop wasting my time with the Globeline technical support hot line and went down to the local office at 1pm. Talked to a rep about the problem and he made a phone call and told me a tech would come to my house. A repair team showed up about 4pm and checked the telephone pole outside and there was no signal which means the problem was between that pole and the facility box. The
    tech informed me that they didn’t have a key to open the box so they would tell some other tech’s to check the box on Friday.
    Woke up Friday morning and my connection has been finally fixed.

    To recap

    Tues – no attempt to fix my connection

    Wed – no attempt to fix my connection and a no show on the on-site visit.

    Thurday – Repair crew shows up at 4pm not prepared or equipped to fix a internet connection.

    Friday – Connection restored at around 9am.

    It took Globelines 4 days to fix a internet connection that could have been fixed in 15 minutes. I had to call numerous times which were a total waste of my time and had to go down to the local office in person to get them to start working on the problem.
    As a customer paying for a service i find this level of service unacceptable and globelines needs major improvement in the way they service their existing accounts.

    1. I don’t need a call center employee to tell me their tech’s will fix the reported problem when in fact no one is working on it.

    2. When a on-site visit is scheduled it would be nice if someone showed up.

    3. Reporting a no show from Globelines on-site visit the next day and informed that since the tech
    did not show up i now have to wait another 12 days for the next available tech is just retarded.

    4. When a repair crew goes to fix a connection problem they should be prepared and equipped such as having a key to open a box.

    5. Globelines need to staff their tech support call center with people who are able to do more than and generate reports, they should beable to make a phone call and resolve problems instead of saying sorry our tech didn’t show up but now you have to wait 12 more days for the next available tech.

    6. I should not have to call numerous times to coordinate the repair efforts on my connection, I should not have to make a on-site visit to the local Globelines office in order to get a 15 minute repair job done. If i had not done these things Globelines technical support hot line employee’s would have me waiting an additional 12 days on top of the 4 days i had already waited for another on-site visit that they may not show up for again.

    I would hope who ever is in charge at Globelines takes the time to improve the response to reported problems someday as the process that Globelines currently employs appears dysfunctional and broken in it’s current state.

  28. Update…

    Thought it was fixed on friday morning but turns out even tho i can now connect to the internet i am getting around 30% of the speed i am supposed to get. My 3mb dsl connection wont speed test faster than 0.7 – 0.8.
    When i first got it hooked up i speed tested the line and got 3.2 to 3.4.

    Called Globelines about it and was informed of a area wide network problem and was told the internet was down in my area. I informed them that i could connect but it was less than 1mb download speed.

    They said a tech would look into it, Saturday afternoon a tech shows up and tries a different modem which made no difference and then left. While he was here he said there was a major upgrade going on somewhere.
    Getting problems now where i can’t connect to most sites like google, yahoo, etc…Still connecting to some sites tho.

    Sunday morning, can’t connect to most sites altho i can connect to some.
    Called repair people again. They said they will try and send someone out later today.
    Sunday afternoon and i can connect to most sites but still only getting 30% of the speed.

    To recap…

    First report problems to Globelines on Tuesday Aug 10, 2010 its now Sunday Aug 15th and still not fixed.

    Globelines has alot of excuses but i really can’t understand why a major telecom like Globelines needs weeks to fix a internet connection.

  29. Down here in our barangay, as Conrado Banal would say, in the howling wastes of semi-rural Mindanaw, we have choice – we can have terrible service from Globe or terrible service from Smart. We had a Smart line for six months and one bright morning it vanished, never to return. The reason they gave – trees in the way. They’d grown overnight apparently. I don’t expect to be able to get this message out, as I’ve been half-an-hour trying to communicate with the Globe website.

  30. see the problem with GLobe is they fix one problem only to replace it with another. i made a comment that you can check above.. was thankful they now changed the technician that comes to our cabinet. my issues regarding a high ping that reaches 400-1200ms when i have 2mbps subscription was fixed after 3 months of grueling internet connection. but then one problem they havent answered yet is why our modem or our internet connection would reboot itself 5 times in a day and it seems to have a schedule and the timing is the same each day. 9-10AM 1-2:30PM 4-5:30PM 7:30-8:30PM and even 10-11PM… but now it seems to be rebooting every after 1 and a half hours. PLUS i get a bonus as well, when people call me at home , often times we can talk 4-10 minutes and we get disconnected with the tone beeping 3x, then it doesnt allow me to call them back i had to wait 3-5 minutes then i can call them back again then of course we get disconnected again. I was able to avail of their 50% promo for 2mbps with landline but i never expected the connection would also be 50% off. i swear after my contract with globe is done ? I WILL NEVER avail any service scams they offer …

    I used to have SMART broadband Php995 384kbps = frequent disconnection bad ping

    then i took Globe 1mbps internet only Php995 = slow browsing ,dial up can be faster
    at times

    then had enough but fallen to a trick when they offered me the 50% off which i turned down the first couple of months but the sales lady was really working hard even amides the heat of the sun it was summer. so i took it.

    I havent tried PLDT yet at home because there are no available connection in my area however ive been to internet cafes where they have PLDT connection and i have to say its ridiculous for their connection to fail when its raining.

    i dont want to try bayantel which i think is a sister company of Globe or they are the same company.

    I would really love to try one of those cable internet out there only they dont expand much and there are none available in my area. i work as a call center agent before and i have to say that most cable companies uses Fiber Optics instead of copper connections. fiber optics is better , it allows cable companies to send video feeds to your TV without stuttering or pixelated images. phone companies could have used this technology years ago however they took advantage of whats already been there , the telephone lines we’re using. so that they dont have to dig for a line.

  31. What globe technicians do is give you excuses you want to know why ?

    First , The people who visits your home are not globe employees. they are employees of a technician contractors located in your areas. once globe receives your call from their hotlines they will contact these contractors and pay them per visit. these contractors dont care if you have bad connections or not they only want for you to close the Job order ( Close the issue and report it is now ok ) and they get their pay. it wont cost them a thing to go back to your home day after day. the only one losing in the picture is you the subscribers .. even globe will not lose anything because you pay them and the credit they give you is hardly fair.

    Second , when they give excuses such as there is a major upgrade going on let me tell you this, i had Globe 1mbps for 1year and now globe 2mbps with landline and its my 7th month everytime i ask them whats going on they tell me “there is an ongoing system upgrade” 🙂 then when you believe them you close the job order and they dont care if you have to wait in vain thinking there really is a system upgrade going on. its been like that for a year and a half same excuse. its not a “System Upgrade” its a “System Downgrade”.

    no matter how you look at it , the summary remains the same .. you the subscribers are the losers … now i am a subscriber with no choice because globe made an excuse to all my subscription problems. 1.) I cant make a call to PLDT phones ( Said PLDT and GLobe are having a problem and they are fixing it , however my clients who have globe landlines said they contact their branches fine each day with no problems ).. 2.)My internet connection is intermittent with ping reaching up to 1200ms average is 400.. which should be 240-290 for 2mbps subscriptions ( excuse : its out of their hands said the technicians , the problem is now in the Main Globe systems ) I CAN JUST LAUGH MY HEAD OFF BUT THIS IS MY FINAL SUBSCRIPTION TO GLOBE !!!!

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