Renzie Recommends: EVA Air

It’s finally great to be back home, no matter how crappy this country is.  Los Angeles is arguably a far better place to live in, and yes, it might be a great place to move to, but the Philippines is still home to me, no matter where I go.

EVA Air logoI took EVA Air for my trip this time, and I have to say: EVA has done a spectacular job as an airlines company- they’re always on time, the customer service is a lot better than what I expected, and the flight accommodations were actually rather pleasant.

Even the Economy class on EVA Air is alright- they call it the Evergreen Deluxe- which really is a premium economy type of accommodation.  Still, it has a little more legroom, slightly wider seats (which is great for larger dudes like me), as well as individual video screens- which comes in handy for longer international flights.  The food was alright as well.

According to Wikipedia, EVA Air is a Taiwanese airline based at the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport near Taipei, Taiwan.  It operates both passenger and dedicated cargo services to international destinations in Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and North America.   In addition, EVA Air is an affiliate of the shipping conglomerate Evergreen Group, and is the largest privately owned Taiwanese airline.

As far as international flights go, I would have to say that EVA Air is definitely right up there with the best of ’em.  In fact, I totally recommend you booking a flight on EVA Air whether you’re traveling to other Asia destinations, or to the United States.

Given how many horror stories I’ve heard about other airline companies- here’s something for your peace of mind: fly EVA Air.  It’s a great deal for an international flight, you have very capable (and very cute) flight attendants, comfortable accomodations, and top-notch service.


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