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In a few weeks, I’m supposed to play host and tour guide to a whole slew of relatives coming over to the Philippines. We’re talking about aunts, uncles and cousins- some of whom have never been to the country, others who have been around fairly recently, and then you have a few others who haven’t been around for 10 or more years.

So naturally, I get asked all sorts of questions about the Philippines- what’s there to do, what’s going on, anything new worth checking out, how much are such-and-such things, etc. I realized one time that, even if I’ve been living in Metro Manila for the past 30+ years, I still need to get my facts straight somehow- which means going online to various sites just to validate my information and maybe pick up something new.

There are quite a few websites and blogs on the Philippines already as it is. Some more useful than others, others completely in need of some updating. One of the more useful sites I ran across was The site has announcements of all kinds, just like a billboard, on pretty much all things Filipino. It also has some articles and links to other resources on the Philippines.

You can even buy a few things off the website, learn to send money back to the Philippines, and even pick up a tip or two off their various sections. If you have your own company and you’d like to promote your products, services or events, you could add your Filipino event and have it posted on

So when you’re doing your research on your trip to the Philippines, you might want to drop by you might find something you like.

Cheers, everyone.


2 thoughts on “Check Out

  1. yay! i’m one of those whole slew of relatives that are coming!
    and i’m an other who has been around fairly recently!

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