Why Not Work From Home?

Seriously, give me a reason why you shouldn’t be considering this.

The idea hit me just earlier this year. I was working for my third radio station in fifteen years. Let’s just say that I had an epiphany of sorts: there was no way I was going to go beyond my current position- the company will squeeze me dry of my talent, ideas and creativity and, well let’s face it- keep me in a continual state of dependency on them for income.

I will have to say that most companies in the Philippines are traditional set-ups: family businesses that really live off the labor of its underpaid and overworked employees. Rare is the company that actually nurtures its employees to be all they can be, encourages work-life balance, and sees every human resource as what they really are: people.

Given my experience, talent and passion, I genuinely feel that I could make it on my own. So in March of 2008, I decided to do what others considered unthinkable: quit my job and focus on working from home.

Forcing yourself on this kind of death-ground scenario can either make or break you. It’s not easy. But I didn’t go down this path without a plan or just on a whim. The internet and a reliable enough PC workstation, combined with a network of contacts and partners can provide a wealth of opportunities for anyone brave enough to be a work-at-home entrepreneur.

And look on the bright side: you don’t waste all the time on a commute, which only means you have more time for yourself and the people important to you. Traveling less means less fuel consumption- and that’s just a good thing with rising gas prices. Your only boss is yourself, which means only you can stress yourself out.

Most importantly for me, it’s a good exercise in developing your independence and entrepreneurial spirit. No longer will you be a slave to any company, and you take ownership of your own destiny- so you become the architect of your own success.

Cheers, everyone.

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