This Is What I Dig About Saturdays…

I woke up not more than 30 minutes ago- and here I am hunkered down in front of my PC blogging away while I got Creative Media Player cranking out some of my favorite tunes.  At this very moment, Josh Verdes is singing “Home”.  There’s something Mayer-esque about his style, and this song in particular reminds me of “Your Body Is A Wonderland”.

I find Saturday mornings as a perfect time to catch up on my blogging.  As you all know, I probably have at least 5 active blogs going on right now, all on a particular topic.  I realized that, looking through the  ‘Manage Posts’ tab, it turns out that I tend to amass quite a number of unfinished drafts.  This blog alone has five entries that need some finishing.  So it seems I have my work cut out for me today :).

Days like these are great for reading other people’s blogs too.  Thanks to PageFlakes (and thanks to Andrian Lee of AsiaPay for so recommending it), it’s so much easier to keep track of all my favorite blogs.  I can be really all too focused on work on weekdays that I tend to miss out on some noteworthy events that may have transpired over the week- and a quick review of blogs serves as a good way to bring myself up to speed.

For instance, while I’ve been busy at the radio station, there seems to be some activity on Multiply on a post of mine on Yahoo’s 10 Top Recommended Restaurants in Metro Manila.  I like it when friends of mine and friends of friends take time to drop in and give me their two cents’ worth.  And from the discussion on that post, it seems I’ll go try out a couple new restos this weekend- Sala in J. Nakpil is probably worth checking out, and maybe this Chocolat in SM Mall of Asia, or Conti’s in Serendra.

So I’ll probably end up working on my backlogs for a couple hours before heading out to the gym and get some chores done.  Oh the usual- groceries, pet supplies, laundry- nothing too exciting.  Cristina and I have ourselves the rest of the afternoon/evening to go visit a spa, watch a movie and have a leisurely dinner.  Then I’ll meet up with my friends much later in the evening to just hang out.

And yeah, I’ll most likely write about those too.  So check you all out soon.

Cheers, everyone.


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