Heading Out To Singapore?

Me and the River MerchantsIt was almost exactly one year ago when my girlfriend, Cristina, and I took a trip to Singapore. It was a charming little vacation we had- and if anything at all, it made me realize two things- one: I need to go traveling some more, and two: I wouldn’t mind working in a place like Singapore.

I was seriously considering moving there for a while- at least until things started happening for me here. Still, the prospect of moving to SG isn’t unlikely.

In fact, I have a number of friends there who are doing quite nicely. And good for them, I say. Singapore is a land full of opportunities, especially if you’re relatively young, skilled, have better-than-average English, and wouldn’t mind being away from family for a rather extended while.

One of the first things to consider when planning a move to Singapore is getting a place to stay. The HDB, or Housing Development Board of Singapore- is largely responsible for maintaining the country’s public residential real estate- which are mostly high-rise buildings housing a lot of flats or apartments.

The Boat Quay by Night

There’s an online property search tool found in the Singapore Property site, which you can use to find great deals (or even investments, if you’re into it) on a comprehensive listing of available Singaporean property.

Just to give you an idea- some former radio colleagues of mine told me that it would be cool if you landed a job that paid you at least SGD2500/month. That amount of cash is more than enough to get you a decent place to stay, take care of your day-to-day expenses, allow you to buy some stuff and go out once in a while, maybe even have some left over for savings.

At least you have a general idea how much cash you’d be playing around with.

Let me know how your plans moving to Singapore are working out for you.



2 thoughts on “Heading Out To Singapore?

  1. Hi Renzie – I’m thinking about a move to Singapore myself. Have you located a job yet there or even looking? I’m curious to see how others are doing in this process. Thanks.


  2. Hello Ben.

    You won’t have a problem finding jobs in Singapore- here, check this out:

    It’s their equivalent of Jobstreet or JobsDB, but in my opinion, is so much better. Info on job openings of all kinds, man.

    As for me, well, I took on a job offer at the time as Program Director for a radio station- so how could I say no to that, right?

    My efforts now are geared towards moving to Los Angeles, which is quite another story in itself 🙂

    Thanks for dropping by, man.


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