So Much SNL Fun!

I’ve been a big fan of Saturday Night Live– particularly during the days of Will Ferrell, Tina Fey, Tracey Morgan, Molly Shannon, to name a few.

Anyway, last night was the first time I’ve visited NBC’s Saturday Night Live website in a long while.  See, we don’t get SNL in the Philippines, so I get my fix of the latest comedy bits online.

Well, there used to be a cable channel that showed some episodes of the last three or four seasons, but they’ve been re-running the same episodes over and over again, and some sketches have been taken out of several shows- and I particularly hate it when these local cable channels try to dumb everything down- which is another topic altogether.

Anyway, ever since the Writers’ Strike has been resolved, everyone’s already back to work- which is a very good thing for everybody.  More importantly for fans like myself- we finally get to see our old favorites back on TV (or the internet).

There was a time when I frequented YouTube for these SNL clips, coz there was a time when NBC had its own channel with all the cool promos for other shows on top of clips of Conan and SNL and everything else- but now you can find them on the NBC website, and later on I suppose you could find more when their new video-on-demand services, Hulu and/or NBC Direct, launches.

So I’ve been keeping myself busy catching up on Conan and SNL.  In fact, I’ve been blogging about it on one of my other blogs.

I’ve started to keep track of all the SNL Digital Shorts– being a huge fan of The Lonely Island boys.  So I got “Lazy Sunday” here, the Ariel and Efrim sketch here, and the latest ones with Ellen Page, “The Mirror”, and Amy Adams with Jason Sudeikis and Andy Samberg, “Hero Song” here.  Definitely more of that coming up until I get the whole bunch of SNL Digital Shorts collected on that blog, “Too Much TV!”

Cheers, everyone!


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