What’s Wrong With The Way Bloggers Write?

I was with some bloggers last weekend over at Kape Isla in Serendra- and we were all hanging out with Butch Dalisay and the good people of the Blog and Soul Movement.  I’ll be blogging more about that later on, and probably in another blog of mine.

In a nutshell though, we were all hanging out that afternoon to learn more about Creative Writing and how that all fits into blogging and the blogging lifestyle.

Besides that, there were a lot of interesting stories and anecdotes and discussions that came about.  For me, there was this very thought-provoking tidbit:  thanks to blogging, almost everyone has become an author and publisher- but what you don’t have is a whole lot of editors.

I couldn’t agree with Butch more.  A recent post I’ve read (gotta find it so I could link it here) says that, in the Philippines alone, you already have an estimated 200,000 bloggers, up from just 40,000 from a couple years back.

It should be a great thing, right?  After all, I’m one for encouraging self-expression- and what better way than blogs?

So why is it that when I randomly visit blogs through Multiply, or on Blogspot or WordPress, and even worse, on Friendster, I can’t help but feel dismayed at how some of these bloggers write?  The list of atrocities can go on and on- but right there at the top- abyssmal grammar, diction and sentence construction, writing as if texting on a mobile phone, and straight-out plagiarizing.

So out of the 200,000 bloggers in the Philippines- how many are actually coming up with quality blogs?  20%?  5%? Ask yourself this question- out of the last 10 or 20 blogs you visited, how many of those to you plan to visit again?

I have to admit, I’m not perfect as far as English usage is concerned- and many more would admit to the same.  But what we all really need is an active effort to improve the way we communicate with others, especially our blogging audience.

Here comes the importance of really thinking about giving something back to your audience- a lesson learned, some valuable tips and information, at least some entertainment.  So yes, you can blog about “I woke up at 7am today and went to the gym…”, but in the end, it’s really about having a good story to tell, which your audience would also want to share with their other friends.

If anything, that afternoon with Butch Dalisay and the Blog and Soul Movement has inspired me to do something more with my blogs- I’d like to be able to help out other bloggers.  Not just with building blogs, but also with writing.

Definitely a project worth exploring in the very near future.  And I welcome anybody else who’s willing to work with me on this.

Cheers, everyone.


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