You Gotta Have a Killer CV!

I’ve spent the greater deal of my day going through an entire pile of resumes. See, we need a few new additions to the on-air team, and to be honest- I wasn’t impressed with the lot in front of me.

Then again, maybe I shouldn’t pass judgment on the basis of these CV’s alone. I’ll most likely invite a few over for a quick chat, and hope they’re a whole lot better in person than they are on paper.

I mean, it could have been worse- I remember a time when I was going through an even larger pile back when I was still handling operations for a BPO company several years back. You can just imagine how many careers have possibly been shot down because of a shoddily-written resume. A recruitment person can have dozens- maybe even hundreds of CVs to go through in any given hiring effort. The last thing any applicant would want is for his resume be dismissed just as that- one of the many hundreds.

The goal, really, is to come up with a kick-ass resume. At the very least, you’d like to be given the chance to have some face time, so you could sell yourself even more.

It’s not really very hard, since these days you have a lot of online guides and tools to help build a better-than-average curriculum vitae. One such resume writer is, which is worth checking out if you’re really serious about landing a job, and even more so if it’s a highly competitive industry.

Remember, a CV that stands out can get you your foot in the door.  It’s all about selling yourself and showing your prospective employers why they should hire you over all the other applicants, and what you bring to the table.

With that, I dive back into the pile of CVs in front of me, hoping to find a couple of good ones to interview tomorrow.

Cheers, everyone!


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