260 Pounds?!

Well, it really shouldn’t come as a surprise.  I weighed myself at the gym today- and the counter-weights settled uncomfortably at a troubling two-hundred sixty.

I’ve only hit that kind of weight once- no, hang on… nope, this is probably the heaviest I’ve factored in.  No point blaming anything other than my sedentary lifestyle, my carb-heavy food cravings and a metabolism slower than a 3-toed sloth.

But just like any real trooper, I power through the workout session- my first foray into strenuous aerobic activity since August, I think.  I was relatively lighter then- about 25 pounds less.  Now my legs feel like jelly, and my belly feels like someone’s used it for a punching bag.

That’s good ol’ muscular fatigue for you.  And we renew the effort to fight of the extra weight one pound at a time.

Wish me luck 🙂  Cheers!


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