YouTube Spotlight: HappySlip, 3 of 3.

Welcome to Part 3 of my continuing coverage on the HappySlip phenomenon. Christine Gambito is now a full-fledged internet celebrity thanks to her labor of love- the HappySlip videolog series on YouTube. If you missed the first couple parts, you can check out Part 1 here, and Part 2 here.

So we’ve told you what we could about HappySlip- and the brains behind the popular YouTube channel, Christine Gambito. In an earlier chat we had with Elaine Uy, we’ve been told that is setting up a Meet-N-Greet with Christine herself- so all you HappySlip fans can get to hang out with Ms. Gambito and other HappySlip fans. It’s all goin’ down Thursday next week, 07 Feb 2008, at the Mag:net Cafe in Bonifacio High Street. The fun starts at 11 AM, so make sure you register with Yehey right here! (Only a few slots left, Elaine says– we only have room for a hundred HappySlip fans!)

Check out the Official Website at!

While Christine is much known for her YouTube series of vids, she also has great stuff on the official HappySlip website. In addition to all 42 (well, 42 so far…) videos, you also have lots of behind-the-scenes stuff, outtakes and additional vlogs for more HappySlip viewing- yeah, kinda like an online DVD of sorts.

Oh, BTW, a HappySlip DVD IS out after all. You can order it here, you diehard fan, you! 🙂

Moving On.

In Part 1 of The YouTube Spotlight on HappySlip, we introduced Christine and the first fourteen vids she put together and posted on YouTube.

We see the next fourteen videos on Part 2. Here we’ve lined up the last fourteen videos on the YouTube channel, in sequential order for a greater appreciation of the HappySlip experience.

Here we go…

29. “Soap Opera #6- Shadowtrader”. More cheese-tastic drama from twins Audrey and Claire. Introducing a new character- the mysterious Shadowtrader!

30. “Brown Beauty”. You can probably sense the disaster a mile away when Auntie (her name is Baby, we find out here) hosts a make-up party to suck in hapless family-folk into her cosmetic pyramid scheme. Outtakes!

31. “Forever In My Heart (Original Song)”. HappySlip takes a break with this one- another original song by Christine on guitar.

32. “Vlog#5 – I’m Going To LA!”. Christine has been on YouTube for a year now! With lots more HappySlip goodness on the way. Plus updates, stories and some interesting information on the runaway internet sensation! Christine busts a move in between stories.

33. “Speechless”. Aww, Minnie is so cute. Almost Disney-ish, complete with an evil stepmother-figure *thunder and lightning*. Nah, we love Auntie Baby too. Welcome back Kevjumba!

34. “Mac Daddy”. Hey, this promo is exactly 2 minutes long! Unfortunately Apple didn’t pay her for this promotional spot.

35. “Band Aid?” Christine reprises her role as Teenie, talkin’ about medicated plastic strips and joker-hatin’. Love the song “Beautiful/Wonderful” by The One.

36. “I Dare You To (Soap Opera #7)”. *Gasp* Is this the end for Audrey and Claire?!

37. “French Fries”. A video response to Timbaland & OneRepublic’s “Apologize”. Apparently Christine and her Crispy Porkies-munching Dad has a disagreement over snack food. Christine plays the piano!

38. “Tanks”. A Thanksgiving message from the entire family- Christine, Mom, Dad, Auntie Baby, Minnie, and introducing Christine’s grandmother- Lola!

39. “Plop and Shop!” Introducing two new characters- Sally and Shiela Smoot- hosts of the latest home shopping channel- Plop and Shop TV! Incidentally, I remember having a teacher back in college who ACTUALLY bought stuff on these channels. That’s stuff, plural.

40. “HappySlip Jingle”. You’d think singing “Jingle Bells” would be a simple matter, right? Featuring everyone from the HappySlip household! Teenie lays down a mean beat 🙂 don’t be cup-hatin’.

41. “Contagious”. More Minnie! Minnie finds herself in an awkward situash. With a very familiar piece of jewelry, on a hyperactive admirer, and the mad mixing skillz of Mike Rizzy in tha hizzie! Don’t miss the outtakes. Show us a move, Fred!

42. “Five HappySlip Facts”. Christine gets ‘tagged’ on YouTube- and shares five facts about herself, among them- her grandmaster talent!

So there ya have it, ladies and gentlemen- my public service to all of you who’d like to catch up on the HappySlip craze, and my fanboy tribute to the HappySlip universe. Hey, I never saw those videos in order until writing this thing! So it’s cool- besides, it’s great watching those vids all over again.

So pass this post around, and spread some HappySlip love! Don’t forget to subscribe to HappySlip on YouTube. Also, for more HappySlip goodness- blogs, insider info, updates on her trip to the Philippines, check out the official website here. Visit’s HappySlip page to meet her next week and most importantly- “Kristeen- bi shur tu wer your hapislip!”

Cheers, everyone!

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One thought on “YouTube Spotlight: HappySlip, 3 of 3.

  1. Hey, Renzie! This is such a cool tribute to HappySlip 🙂

    It was nice meeting you at the HappySlip Meet and Greet! I’m linking you, all right? 🙂

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