Cutting Back on the Coke Light…

Damn. And I have a fridge full of this stuff.

Alright everyone. See, I’m at an age now (34 y/o) when I am rather concerned about my general health. I don’t feel as invincible as I used to be- so I’ve sorta mellowed down, lifestyle-wise, in an effort to stay healthy, keep stress to a bare minimum, and generally remain as pain-free as possible.

I generally adhere to a low-carb diet. Which means, my drink of choice for the past few (several?) years has been diet sodas. Yeah- Coke Light, Diet Pepsi/Pepsi Max, Sprite Light, Royal Light, even that Summit Water thing that came out- as long as there’s no sugar, it’s all good for me.

So while it’s a good thing I’ve cut down on sugar, on the flipside, it seems that I’ve been endangering my kidneys somewhat. How? Read on.

Check this: According to the New York Times, a recent study published the effects of cola drinks on your kidneys.

So we all know that too much soda (including cola drinks) can cause obesity and diabetes- it’s all about the sugar content, and thus the move for sugar-free drinks. But colas also contain phosphoric acid, and this stuff is linked to kidney stones and other renal disorders.

So a bunch of scientists from the National Institutes of Health decided to look into it. Here’s the excerpt from the New York Times article.

“…the team compared the dietary habits of 465 people with chronic kidney disease and 467 healthy people. After controlling for various factors, the team found that drinking two or more colas a day — whether artificially sweetened or regular — was linked to a twofold risk of chronic kidney disease.

But drinking two or more noncola carbonated drinks a day, they found, did not increase the risk.

The authors of the study say more research is needed, but their findings support the long-held notion that something about cola — the phosphoric acid, for example, or the ability of cola to pull calcium from bones — seems to increase the risk of kidney stones, renal failure and other conditions affecting the kidneys.”

There you have it. It means I now have to check the labels on my softdrinks to avoid not just sugar this time, but also phosphoric acid. So I suppose Sprite Light be OK? Or Diet 7-up?

I could scale back on the Pepsi Max and Coke Light- instead of guzzling down a couple of liters a day, I could just chug down one.

All of a sudden, I’m thirsting for a bottle of water.

Much thanks to Jim Ayson for bringing this up to my attention. Cheers everyone!

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