YouTube Spotlight: HappySlip, 2 of 3.

Welcome to Part 2 of my continuing coverage on the HappySlip phenomenon. Christine Gambito is now a full-fledged internet celebrity thanks to her labor of love- the HappySlip videolog series on YouTube.

In Part 1 of The YouTube Spotlight on HappySlip, we introduced Christine and the first fourteen vids she put together and posted on YouTube. We’ve been told by our friends from Yehey that there’s going to be a meet-and-greet next Thursday. Says our good online buddy Elaine from Yehey:

Just log on to 🙂 event is on Feb 7, Mag:net Cafe, Bonifacio High Street from 11:00am – 3:00pm. See you there!

Thanks, Elaine. Alrighteethen. I first caught a couple of vids of HappySlip several months back while I was just browsing YouTube. I didn’t quite know at the time that it was best viewed in a particular order. And so we’ve put all these videos in sequential order so you can all appreciate the joy and joyness that is HappySlip the way it was meant to be.


15. “Soap Opera #4- Valentines Day”. We finally get to meet the elusive Trent. The first vid where Christine casts people other than herself 🙂 The REAL Christine also guest-stars, as herself. It’s cool how she ties up the elements of this vid with the earlier “Mixed Nuts” video (vid #8).

16. “Peelings”. Welcome back Auntie… (erm, what was her name again?), hanging out with Christine and Mom. Introducing the adorably introverted Minnie. One of the reasons why I never quite wanted to learn to play the piano back then…

17. “The Bachelor”. A spoof of ABC’s “The Bachelor”, with Auntie, Teenie (from “Pick a Pic”, HappySlip vid #4), Audrey, two of Christine’s friends (Joel and Paige), and some more indoor precipitation.

18. “Vlog #2”. Christine updates her fans- she breaks the news of HappySlips nomination for Best Comedy in the 2007 YouTube Awards. While we know how that turned out, she’s still a winner in our book. Note the HappySlip button she’s wearing- the merchandising and the website was already up by the time this vid was posted.

19. “Smoshed”. Ah. Yet another family moment with Mom and Dad (he has good ideas too you know!). Christine breaks the news that she won second place, after Smosh’s “Stranded”.

20. “”Your Love”, An Original Song”. We take a break from the usual as Christine treats us to an original song- she plays guitar and sings on this one!

21. “Vlog#3”. Christine with another update, and answers more questions. Also mentions that they were in the middle of moving houses. Aww, I miss the old one already.

22. “Help!” Yeah I should be getting back to work now… right after I blog a little bit more!! We see Christine lamenting about her predisposition to packrat-ery. Guest starring Mom and Auntie!

23. “Happy Mothers’ Day”. Christine tells us about her Mothers’ Day blues- in a song. Featuring Mom, of course!

24. “Soap Opera #5- Questions”. Claire is back! And this time, the twins play a good ol’ game of Questions- just like in Who’s Line Is It Anyway?

25. “Dancing With The Stars- Oh No!” Christine narrates her experience auditioning for Dancing With The Stars. It didn’t go very well.

26. “7.7.7”. A little ditty on the piano for the YouTubers meetup in New York City last 07 July 2007. Don’t miss the outtakes at the end!

27. “Boypren”. Another family moment with Mom, eggroll-snackin’ Dad, and Auntie. Featuring Minnie and her online dude! Hey, that’s Kevjumba!

28. “Vlog#4 – 777 and Thanks”. Christine and another update. Fresh from the 7.7.07 event and another family reunion.

More of HappySlip and Christine Gambito on my continuing coverage of The YouTube Spotlight, featuring HappySlip. We’s got 14 vids to go, and if you’d want to track back, you can check out Part 1 here, and Part 3 here.

Hey, don’t forget to subscribe to HappySlip on YouTube. Also, for more HappySlip goodness- blogs, insider info, updates on her trip to the Philippines, check out the official website here.


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