Yay! Another Gaming Weekend!

It has come to my attention that I haven’t been spending enough with my PC at home these days (there, there, baby, Daddy’s home…). Maybe I got too absorbed at work, maybe I’ve been blogging and writing way too much, I don’t know. But we all got 24 hours in one day and 7 days in a week- and wherever all that time is going, it ain’t playing PC games.

I have been blessed with having a girlfriend that shares most of my interests (new wave music, PC gaming, movies & TV, the occasional visit to the spa), so for my girlfriend’s birthday, I got her a World of Warcraft BattleChest. Which means she’ll probably want to spend more time at her place in Las Pinas playing the popular MMORPG, while I’m playing it here from my pad in Mandaluyong, and so we’re both playing at the same time as boyfriend-girlfriend.

We could go do our movie and eating-out thing on weekend nights anyway.

So I fully expect this weekend to be totally games-packed. Mostly World of Warcraft, with a little bit of BioShock and the classic Baldur’s Gate, as well as some blogging in between (such as right now). Lots of take-out and home delivery, absolutely no chores, and no stepping out of the house until probably late Sunday afternoon.

So I got me a couple boxes of pizza, bags of those crunchy Lay’s Kettle-whatever chips, lots of Pepsi Max, some microwaveables in the fridge- yup, everything’s good to go.

See you all online. How’s your weekend coming along?


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