Yehey, TriNoma and the Hundred Hungry Bloggers: an Epilogue

The following post originally came out in one of my other blogs, “Blog. Blogger. Bloggest!”. Check out the rest of that blog for more insights on the world of blogs and blogging. Particularly useful for you who are just starting to blog, and those wanting to build better blogs. Enjoy!

It’s been a full two weeks since the TriNoma Bloggers’ Food Tour organized by, and I thought I should do my fellow bloggers a service by posting a compilation of blog entries pertaining to the event (at least the known ones, to this point).

Sidenote: I received an email from the guys of Yehey! that the photos from the Bloggers’ Food Tour have all been turned in for your scrutiny and approval, and voting is now open- so go check out the photos and root for your favorites.

A Compilation of Blog Entries on the TriNoma Bloggers’ Food Tour.

As you know, the whole group of one-hundred thirty bloggers that attended the event was divvied up to five teams. We were all lumped together in the ‘pink’ team. As far as our team is concerned, we have these great reads…

Here are our other fellow food bloggers’ stuff…

You can check out my other write-ups of the Bloggers’ Food Tour here:

You could check out my individual resto reviews on:

Thanks to all the restaurants that participated! Special thanks to La Maison, Cabalen, Abe, Hossein’s, Haiku, Cyma, The Bubba Gump Shrimp Company, Holy Cow!, Jack’s Loft, TGIFridays, Italianni’s, Fish & Co., Conti’s, Mann Hann, Pho Hoa, Marina, Sizzlin’ Pepper Steak, Mangan, Bangus and Heaven N’ Eggs for allowing us to check out your wares.

To Bread Talk, Bacolod Chicken Inasal, Madison Grill, Superbowl of China, Good Earth Tea Room, Oki Oki and Teriyaki Boy- I totally missed out on you guys. I’ve read so much about your restos from other blogs. Too bad I haven’t had time to check you guys out during the Food Tour, but I will soon when I drop by TriNoma in the coming weeks.

To my fellow bloggers- spread some linkage love whydont’cha? I hope to see you guys again soon at future blogging events. Also add me up on your Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Multiply or whatever networking service you guys have as well.

Thanks to TriNoma- you guys have a pretty kickass mall. We’ll be visiting more often. Definitely much more often. Thanks to the guys of we hope you guys have more events for bloggers coming up- and we hope you can let us know how we can make your efforts more successful- that’s just the marketing/events dude in me wanting you to keep your clients happy so we can do this again 🙂

Cheers everyone!


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