Twitter, Twitter!

The following post originally came out in one of my other blogs, “Blog. Blogger. Bloggest!”. Check out the rest of that blog for more insights on the world of blogs and blogging. Particularly useful for you who are just starting to blog, and those wanting to build better blogs. Enjoy!

I’ve just successfully put up Twitter on a few of my blogs.

Twitter is a free micro-blogging service, which enables you to post updates of about 140 characters long- enough for a short sentence, and enough to tell people what you’re doing, what you feel or what you’re going through with just a few words.

You can go sign up quickly for a Twitter account here on their website. Once there, you’ll want to start looking for friends who are also on Twitter. Eventually, you’ll be able to ‘follow’ each other through little updates you leave online.

You can get the html codes for your Twitter account so you can embed it in your blog, MySpace or website. I was able to set up my Twitter on one of my Blogger blogs here, and also on my Multiply. It shouldn’t be any problem setting it up on, say, a WordPress blog- in fact, I’ll get down to it once I’m done here.

Another interesting feature is that you can actually send Twitter updates via SMS- through your mobile phone. Which means you can easily tell people what you’re having for lunch right at moment, or what you think of the latest Will Smith movie, or mention how you’ve spotted some local celebrity at Greenhills or something.

Give Twitter a try- I understand that it’s probably not for everybody. It’s just one of the many options available to you for keeping in touch with your online network- but not like you already need any more social media applications, right?

In any case, if you do feel like Twittering, do look me up- look for ‘Renzie’ and drop me a message. Cheers!

Read more about Twitter here on Wikipedia, or check out their website here.


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