Renzie Recommends: Heaven ‘N Eggs TriNoma

Heaven ‘N Eggs was the very last restaurant we checked out on the day of the TriNoma Bloggers’ Food Tour. For me, I probably wanted to end my food tour on a high note- at a familiar place- just in a different mall.

Heaven ‘N Eggs is just one of many restaurant concepts of The Red Crab Group of Restaurants- the same people behind The Seafood Club, Crustasia, Claw Daddy, Hula Hula, Blackbeard Seafood Island and Cocorama.

Unlike the set-up I was familiar with from my previous visits of Heaven ‘N Eggs, where you had something like a porch area and swings which took the place of some chairs, the Heaven ‘N Eggs in TriNoma seems to exude more of a diner vibe for me.

As my new blogger buds and I sat ourselves down on a table just outside the entrance, a number of staff came over, welcomed us and offered us something to eat (presumably after seeing our white baller IDs and lootbags). At first, I declined- but I watched as a plate of Banana Foster (essentially a pancake stack topped with a sauce of bananas and walnuts caramelized with a hint of rum, I found out later on) was set before Christine (of “Every Little Thing I Do Is Magic”), I got totally envious as she dug into them with fellow blogger (and better-half) Michael.

So I went ahead and asked for some of that- there’s always room for pancakes! The good people of Heaven N’ Eggs served those with another plate- this time with some Monte Cristo French Toast. Thanks, Heaven N’ Eggs!

Recommended Eats at Heaven N’ Eggs.

With a name like that, obviously several food categories come to mind: breakfast items, omelettes, pancakes and waffles.

Start off your meal with the Happy Nachos Feast with Crabmeat-Artichoke Dip , Joey’s Buffalo Wings Madness (authentic New York style buffalo wings with bleu cheese dressing), or the Pinoy Nachos Sequel, (improved crispy wanton crisps topped with authentic Filipino-style toppings).

If you’re in the mood for some eggs, go for the Dr. Seuss Green Eggs and Ham Plate (bacon, spam, sundried tomatoes and pesto scramble topped with kesong puti), Lily’s Rosemary Ham and Cheese Omelet (cured Canadian ham, rosemary, mushroom and cheese omelet) and Funky Friars Omelet (omelet stuffed with Vigan longanisa and peppers) to name a few.

For those who want to eat rice, there are more than a dozen options on the Asian Big Plates and All-Day Classics. You can have the US Angus Tapa, pictured below, if you wish- served with garlic eggs and your choice of eggs. The people of Heaven N Eggs recommend their best-seller- the Manila Spareribs– so good, they say, it will take your breath away. I should take them on the offer the next time I drop by.

They also have a lot to offer in terms of sandwiches, pasta, and steaks like The Great Steak Benedict (pictured below), so there’s always something new to try each time you drop by.

On a separate occasion, I had the Three Sausages and Eggs– which was a hefty plate of three different kids of European sausages, served with 2 eggs (you choose how it’s done, of course), a generous serving of garlic rice, potato wedges and a stack of 3 pancakes. Yeah, I like having breakfast at 2pm. Or pretty much whenever I feel like it.

Where To Find Heaven ‘N Eggs.

This Heaven ‘N Eggs restaurant we visited is located at TriNoma’s 1st Level, in an area filled with other food establishments, closer to the Mindanao Avenue side of the mall. I’m more familiar with the branch in Glorietta 4, just by the entrance. Heaven ‘N Eggs also has branches in Market Market, Tomas Morato and in Eastwood City.

Renzie Recommends is a continuing series of personal reviews of things I think you should try out. Covers various pop culture interests, leisure and recreation spots, restaurants and coffee shops, hotels, spas and resorts, and all things in between. Remember: work to live, and not the other way around- and don’t let anybody tell you differently!

Cheers, everyone!


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