Renzie Recommends: Cyma Greek Taverna at TriNoma

If you’ve been to Boracay, then you’ve probably been to Cyma. The concept was so successful, the guys running the place (managing partner Nino Zulueta and head chef Robbie Goco) decided to open one here- the one at Shangri-la came first, I think and then another Greenbelt 2. That venture seemed to work out well for them, and so they opened another Cyma- this time at TriNoma.

Cyma has always been a favorite of mine. My friends and colleagues have also been raving about it, and I’ve always enjoyed the food, the service and the ambiance. So when I found out that Cyma was one of the participating food merchants at the TriNoma Bloggers’ Food Tour (organized by the chicks and dudes of, I was naturally elated.

This lovely piece of lamb was what welcomed us when we entered the Cyma establishment at TriNoma. As a lover of all things meat, this joyous sight brought tears to my eyes. Isn’t it just beautiful?

What You Need To Know About Cyma.

It’s been said that chef Robbie actually spent time learning about Greek food from an 85-year-old woman while working at her restaurant- keeping the dishes as true to Greek cooking as much as possible.

The dishes at Cyma are meant for sharing. While many of the food items come in ‘solo’ and ‘for sharing’ sizes, even the ‘solo’ dishes have enough food good for two (along those lines, ‘for sharing’ can easily satisfy four or five). Cyma dishes actually work best in bigger groups- since everyone gets to share food around the table- the same way Greek families do.

What To Have at Cyma.

Cyma was another blogger favorite at the Bloggers’ Food Tour. We were served quaint little sampler plates with generous servings of two of my favorites- the Osso Buco Pastisado and the Chicken Souvlaki (both pictured below).

Favorites at Cyma include the Cyma Chopped Salad (which has walnuts, blue cheese and pears, served on a bed of greens), the incredibly delicious yet affordable Chicken Gyro (served with potatoes), the Sayanaki (which is actually flaming cheese), and the signature Cyma Lamb Chops (charbroiled lamb, served with potatoes or rice stuffed in peppers).

If you’re on a low-carb diet like Atkins or South Beach, Cyma has a lot to offer you in terms of great-tasting meat dishes and salads- just the way I like it!

Where To Find Cyma.

If you’re in the mood for excellent Greek food, then Cyma is definitely the place to be. The Cyma we went to is located at the 4th level at TriNoma. You can also visit Cyma at Greenbelt 2, and at the 6th level of Shangri-la Mall.

Renzie Recommends is a continuing series of personal reviews of things I think you should try out. Covers various pop culture interests, leisure and recreation spots, restaurants and coffee shops, hotels, spas and resorts, and all things in between. Remember: work to live, and not the other way around- and don’t let anybody tell you differently!

Cheers, everyone!


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