Yehey, TriNoma and the Hundred Hungry Bloggers, 4 of 5

In Part 3 of the continuing coverage of the TriNoma Bloggers’ Food Tour, organized by Yehey- the country’s premier portal and search engine, we visited TriNoma’s 3rd level. I was traveling with fellow bloggers from the Pink team.

In one group were Jomar (of Java Joe’s Koffee Korner), Jolou (who was, incidentally, also into real estate), husband and wife Michael and Myra, another couple Michael and Christine (of Every Little Thing I Do Is Magic) and Albi of Lifestyles of the Young and the Hopeless.

In another group were Paolo (of Your Mind Will Go Pi), Betsy of Psychcafe, Mikko of Mi-mi-mikkikoron, Cathie of Makulit Na Buhay Ng Isang Chinese Girl, Omar of Ohmski Is The Law and JP of Livin’ La Venti Loca.

We had two more levels worth of food merchants to visit and its almost evening.

We were advised that the fourth level of TriNoma- the cinema level- had the most heavy hitters in terms of restaurants. A quick look at the list given to us earlier on shows a total of seven restaurants on this level: Bubba Gump, Cyma, Fish & Co., Holy Cow! Chop House, Italianni’s, Jack’s Loft and TGIFriday’s.

Something tells me that even with a generous allotment of 30 minutes to check all these places out, that amount of time simply wasn’t going to be enough at. Nevertheless, we soldiered on, good little bloggers that we were.

Bubba Gump has a Whole Lotta Shrimp!

Our first stop was The Bubba Gump Shrimp Company– just like the one in Greenbelt 3, I would imagine. The restaurant came about pretty much due to the success of the 1994 movie, Forrest Gump (Paolo, I can’t believe you haven’t seen it yet!). Viacom (which owns Paramount Pictures, which produced the movie) commissioned a restaurant group to build a chain of family-style casual dining restos carrying the theme of the movie- the result being this fine food establishment we were visiting at the Bloggers’ Food Tour.

The staff welcomed us in, and ushered us into a function room prepared just for the occasion. The bloggers who were with me immediately helped themselves to some Bubba Gump food while I took some pictures.

As you would expect, there were platters upon platters of shrimp before us- so it’s shrimp cooked in various ways but presented with lots of fun. You have Shrimper’s Heaven in cones, Popcorn Shrimp served in a popcorn box, and Pingpong Shrimp served on a dimsum tray.

The Bubba Gump Shrimp Company also serves some interesting salads, smoothies and desserts. They even have ribs and steaks, just for some variety.

Much thanks to the guys of Bubba Gump Shrimp Company for the promo coupons- seems I’ll be dropping in on them some time soon to make good use of em.

Jack’s Loft + Holy Cow! Whattateam!

Our next stop took us to the Holy Cow! Chophouse. As a dude, meat-serving places always ranks high on my scale of favorite restaurants. Bring on the meat, I say!

The staff who welcomed us in directed us to two separate tables, one with all kinds of great food, and another for pictorial purposes. So in between shots and small plates of food, we found out that Jack’s Loft and Holy Cow! are pretty much run by the same group.

The simple distinction is this: As a chop house, Holy Cow! serves up steaks and all kinds of meat chops, while Jack’s Loft is more of a dessert bar.

After taking pictures, I help myself to a plate- there were these mean-looking nachos on the table, some chicken fingers, some pasta, and some cheesecake- easily the group’s favorite.

The food was indeed good, the Jack’s Loft cheesecake was definitely worth coming back for (which I did, a few days later), but I thought the food selection needed some more cow.

I suppose I’ll have to visit Holy Cow! on another occasion just to try their steaks. That will have to be soon. After a second round of cake, we moved on to the next food establishment.

At Cyma: Pastisado Osso Buco Rocks!

Cyma was another familiar restaurant for me. I’ve done a lot of my meetings at Cyma in Greenbelt 2, and I’ve eaten at the one in Shangri-la a couple of times with friends. The original Cyma is the one in Boracay, and it seemed like the Cyma in TriNoma fit in nicely with its neighboring food establishments.

We were ushered towards this impressive display of food- some looked familiar, like the huge chunk of lamb, the Pastisado Osso Buco and the Chicken Souvlaki. I’m sure there were at least a couple of other dishes, but I have to admit- the lamb totally distracted me from everything else. I was just glad that I was going to get to try it out this time.

Cyma was one of the few restaurants that was able to prepare small little sampler plates for the bloggers. We were asked to sit down a bit- which was a good thing, after the considerable amount of walking and eating done up to that point- and it was a great time to chat with our new blogger buds.

Soon enough, the sampler plates were brought over- which we finished up quickly, reminding ourselves that we have the entire Bistro group of restaurants to go through, plus two more levels worth of food establishments.

I will have to say that Cyma is one of my favorites for the entire Bloggers’ Food Tour- even if it was a restaurant I was familiar with, it presented something new for me, the personnel were on hand to explain to us the food they had prepared, and they were nice enough to serve us individual sampler plates.

Well done, Cyma.

The Bistro Group: Fish & Co, Italianni’s and TGI Fridays

Not far from Cyma, the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company, Holy Cow! Chophouse and Jack’s Loft were the Bistro Group of Restaurants: Fish & Co., Italianni’s and TGIFridays.

Each restaurant had a very welcoming food spread immediately just outside their restaurants. It was a simple matter to just grab a plate, and someone would just dish out some of that great food. Someone was also on hand to tell you about the food, and the guest relations manager was able to hand out press kits with pictures and promotional food coupons to those who were there (thanks for the Grilled Pepper Crusted Fish Fillet, guys!).

By the time I got there, our fellow bloggers from the other half of the group have already helped themselves to some Fish & Co., and I realized that I was already full. I got an obligatory plate and had some of their great tasting Fish n’Chips and some of the mussels.

Moving down the line, Italianni’s served us some great pasta, while TGIFridays served us some Tangy Buffalo Wings and Crispy Chicken Fingers.

I couldn’t help but notice the tables outside Italianni’s. Situated in this peninsular area by the lagoon, and close to the fountains and the greenery. While I would have wanted to hang out a bit, there was a lot more work to do- after all, we still had the entire lobby and first level to check out.

Here’s another restaurant I’ll have to check out some other time I come back to TriNoma.

We’ll be wrapping up the TriNoma Bloggers’ Food Tour on our next post- as we have a lot of restaurants to check out on the Lobby Level as well as the First Level of Ayala’s newest mall in Quezon City. You can check out my other write-ups of the Bloggers’ Food Tour here:

To all our participating restos, Yehey!, TriNoma, and my new blogger buds- thank you for the wonderful experience.



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