Renzie in LA. 19 Dec 2007: The Arrival.

I flew to Los Angeles to meet up with my family for the holidays.  The following is part of a series of entries that I’ve blogged about during my trip.  

Just flew in from Manila (via Narita, Japan) this morning. We touched down at LAX just nicely a little past 7AM. So here I am now, for the very first time, in Los Angeles.

In reality, it’s still pretty much late evening for me; while I may have left home (in Manila) at about 4am, my unadjusted timepiece says it’s 11pm-ish. Which suggests that, my trans-Pacific trip- including actual flight time, lining up at various queues in Manila, Narita and Los Angeles- has taken just about the whole day for me.

Had to adjust my watch one hour ahead at Narita, and another seven hours ahead at Los Angeles. I decided to keep the time on my mobile phone and laptop as is so I can pretty much keep track of time back in the Philippines.

My trip to LA this time (the very first time, in fact), however short, hopes to accomplish several things:

  1. Probably most importantly, I’m here to spend time with Dad. He’s been diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer, which has unfortunately metastasised into his kidney, lower spine and other internal organs. Realistically he’s not going to last long, so we’re here to take care of him the best way we can. Pretty much keep him as pain-free as possible, spend time, hang out, stuff like that.
  2. I haven’t seen my parents and my sister in 15 years. Naturally this is a great time to do some bonding, get to know them some more, basically renew family ties.
  3. Consider the opportunities should we decide to move here. Gotta admit, by a long stretch, this place has got a lot over the Philippines. I’m here to consider options for settling down here, as well as options for business and employment.
  4. Given number 3, my goal is to prepare myself for an eventual move to the US. Specifically, in my case, it means losing weight, picking up handy skills, and building my online empire.
  5. On a lighter note, I’d like to get my hands on whatever Justice League Unlimited/ The Batman action figures we have available here, which is not available back at home.
  6. Another quirky side-quest: try out local LA fare, but also have the chance to try out fast food chains like McDonalds and KFC, only to compare em with the stuff back home.

So pretty much it seems I got it all mapped out. Mom has set me up in a nice room at home, and Resa has hooked me up with some cold-weather clothes. I just finished handing out their care packages and little gifts from home. More coming up in the morning, after I catch up on some sleep.

This is part One of ten in the continuing coverage of my trip to the United States.  More to follow.  Part Two up ahead.  Cheers! 


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