The Blogging Lifestyle.

The following post originally came out in one of my other blogs, “Blog. Blogger. Bloggest!”. Check out the rest of that blog for more insights on the world of blogs and blogging. Particularly useful for you who are just starting to blog, and those wanting to build better blogs. Enjoy!

In my opinion, the beauty of blogging is that it complements any kind of lifestyle.

You can be a fashionista, a political pundit, a geek, a fitness buff, movie critic, or be just about into anything- whatever it is, it works with blogging.

Because blogging is about sharing your experiences, and so long as people’s interests are so diverse and varied and personal, there’s just so much stuff out there to blog about.

All it needs, really, is a genuine desire to be interactive and share your experiences with the world.

Normally introverted people may actually find it more comfortable for them to write online instead. Or people who find difficulty speaking publicly might discover that their thoughts flow more freely when typing it out on a blog.

You can write as often as you want, and interact as much as you want. You can even create as many blogs as you want, just as long as you have time to maintain all of them.

For more serious bloggers, some even invest in more portable devices- laptops that allow them to blog whenever and wherever the compulsion hits them. Many have cameras to take pictures of whatever catches their fancy- anything they can blog about later on. Others invest in better audio-video capturing equipment to come up with their own podcasts or viral videos.

Depending on how casual or how serious you want to be as a blogger, there are just so many options available to you.

The question really is, exactly what did you have in mind when you decided to get into blogging?


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