Left Hand Ouchie.

Today I type with just one hand.

Not that it’s something I have a habit of doing; it’s just that the base of my left thumb is painfully swollen, and it’s such a bitch to move that hand around.

So I have my left hand down on the table, with this small icebag perched on top of the swollen area for some much needed pain relief.  Feels so much better, really.

I remember something like this happened several months ago, after a few days of heavy gaming on my XBox.  It was when I picked up Marvel Ultimate Alliance (it was a great game, incidentally).

I remember it so well because I recall waking up one morning with this swollen CMC joint, but still defied the gods of arthritis by picking up the black Xbox controller and fired up the console.  Looking back now, I realize- wow, I really liked that game!

Yeah I kept on playing even if pressing certain buttons made me wince in pain- but I thought I’d really rather entertain myself with my all-chick team of Marvel Girl, Spider-woman, Elektra and Sue Richards beat the crap out of a horde of Marvel villains.

Anyway, I couldn’t think of anything that would make this go swollen now- if it was a manifestation of high uric acid levels, I imagine my right toe would be the first to swell up (like it usually did in the past).

I’ll probably be typing like this for a couple more days- the swelling usually goes down by then.  But for now, I probably need another icepack.


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