On Atkins Once Again.

I’ve always been a huge fan of the Atkins Diet. I suppose it’s because it allows you to eat as much as you want- provided it’s the foods you’re allowed to eat.

Being the low-carb diet that it is, Atkins basically says that, totally going carb-free for the first 14 days taps into your fat reserves, so that eventually you’re burning your body fat for your day-to-day fuel needs.

It’s worked for me before, and I know it can work for me again.

At this point, I’m already on Day 10.  Yeah, I can feel my clothes fit a little less snugly, I feel a little more spry, and more interestingly, I can actually eat the foods that I usually can’t because of my high uric acid levels.

That’s right- I’ve been snacking on Lapid’s Chicharon (pork rinds), cashew nuts and peanut butter.

Plus a variety of sugar-free sweets. So yeah, I suppose I’ll be alright for now.

As long as I stick to my steaks and salads, I’ll be just fine.

But I do miss potato chips though…



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