Renzie Baluyut: Past, Present and Future.

Just a little shameless self-promotion, ladies and gentlemen.

I have had a number of clients ask what I was all about, aside from what they may have gleaned from my various work available online.

Nothing much, just a little backgrounder on me. Pardon the way I refer to myself in the third person.



Renzie Baluyut.  In SG, March 2007.Renzie took up BS Physical Therapy in UP Manila in 1990, initially with plans of being a neurosurgeon. But an opportunity to join a radio station came in 1994, which he took. So began his career as a professional broadcaster as a DJ for Maximum Music 99.5RT.

Shortly afterwards, he discovered more ways to capitalize on his new-found skillsets- turning to doing voice-over work for TV and radio commercials, as well as AVPs. He was also frequently hired as an emcee for parties, corporate functions, product launches and even weddings.

He briefly worked for Ad Farm- a production house based in Makati where he gained an appreciation for digital audio editing and production.

He joined the FBS Radio Network (then Mellow Touch 94.7) as one of its first live announcers in 1996, shortly after the same family bought 99.5RT.

It was in 94.7 that Renzie was placed in charge of all audio broadcast promotional materials, initiated a music library and produced several concept radio shows.

Past Stints.

Renzie Baluyut discovered his love for events management in 1998. Instead of actively pursuing an MA in Broadcast Communication in UP Diliman, he thought that the campus scene at the time was a perfect opportunity to make money doing events.

Along with a few partners, Renzie got involved in producing all kinds of campus concerts with big-name acts for the next two years. Besides concerts, Renzie also helped manage clothing sales, online gaming tournaments, workshops and seminars.

For two years, Renzie saw action in the call center industry as an Operations Supervisor for Easycall (which in 2002, became e-Performax). Thereafter, he worked closely with a number of other contact centers, helping out with managing events and other employee retention and recruitment programs.

After 10 years with Mellow 94.7, Renzie opted for an early retirement package. He served the last 3 years as the radio station’s Sales and Integrated Marketing Communications Manager.

Current Efforts.

After a brief hiatus from the radio industry, Renzie Baluyut tried his hand out at different things.

He turned to blogging in March 2007, and decided to pursue a career as a professional blogger in November of the same year, developing online content for blogging networks, clients and his own independent projects.

He also set up a couple of businesses- a marketing communications company, a travel agency and an events group.

In May 2007, he signed up to work for an online retailer and distribution company based in Sydney, Australia. There he learned Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Social Media Optimization (SMO), which he continues to practice today.

His most active effort online at the moment is “Blog. Blogger. Bloggest!” an online repository of tips, techniques and tutorials for the begginer- to intermediate-level blogging enthusiast.

Renzie is currently Program Director for 105.1 Crossover DWBM-FM, a commercial radio station that plays smooth jazz, rhythm and blues and sophisticated yet popular easy-listening favorites.


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