Bachelor Living.

Sure, it’s daunting at first.  But living on your own is a very rewarding experience.  The Filipino culture of close-knit families aren’t very encouraging of people living on their own- at least compared to other societies which literally kick their kids out of the house by a certain age.

In the Philippines, living away from the traditional household is usually something out of necessity- like when students from the provinces come to bunk in dormitories closer to school.

Of course, you don’t have to come from the provinces.  A lot of students choose to bunk closer to school because of the horrid traffic conditions going to and coming from home.  Office employees also get a bedspace near work to make live easier for them.

Me, well, I’ve been living on my own since ’92.  My parents took off for the US, I played the part of the rebellious son and chose to stay despite their wishes (another topic for another day).  Story ends with me trying to get a place and a job of my own- partially the inspiration behind this entire blog.

Usually people who’ve stayed in dorms, or have managed to stay away from their families because of work or school strive to get their own place.  Let’s face it: roomies are fun, but many times, they can be quite bothersome.

I, for one, place a big premium on personal privacy,  My pad is my domain, and I don’t dig having to co-exist in harmony and stuff.  Not that I can’t- it’s really just less stressful to have to consider people who just happen to be living with you.

Of course you can’t do that initially.  I know it’s hard to get a place of your own with such a limited budget.  But at least that’s one thing that you can work towards, right?

Eventually though, you will get that place of your very own.  It might be something you’ll just be renting, at first, or maybe something you’ll be paying for for the next several years.  Or luckier still, you just manage to take over some piece of family property.

In any case, living on your own in a good thing- no matter how you go about doing it.  It tests your resolve, your resilience and your self-reliance.


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